Is having a baby unethical?

When it comes to having kids, there are many things to consider, like your emotional maturity and financial stability. For some philosophers, the biggest question is whether it is right to become a parent at all.

Whoever wins the argument over wages growth will likely win the next election | Greg Jericho

Voters have a stark choice: Turnbull’s plea to be patient and let the market do its job or Shorten’s mantra that the system is broken

There is little danger this year of voters struggling to differentiate between the two major parties on economic matters. In speeches this week, the prime minister and opposition leader revealed two starkly opposed views on how the economy should be run. Both sides are gearing up for a fight of labour versus capital, and at its core is wages growth and how and when that should be achieved.

Since the Keating enterprise bargaining reforms, industrial relations has in some ways involved a bipartisan light touch. Essentially, both parties took the view that governments should play a minimal role and let the employers and unions negotiate in a spirit of good faith.

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North Carolina governor seeks offshore drilling exemption in Zinke meeting

  • Roy Cooper: ‘No safe method to drill for oil and gas off the coast’
  • Interior secretary had exempted Republican-controlled Florida

North Carolina’s governor said he had a good conversation on Saturday with the interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, regarding plans to expand drilling for gas and oil off the state’s coast.

Related: Trump administration plans to allow oil and gas drilling off nearly all US coast

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