Andy Roddick threw away nearly all his trophies during cleaning spree, wife says

  • Roddick’s wife says former world No1 trashed nearly all his trophies
  • Texas native retired with 32 titles in 2012 after a 12-year pro career
  • Roddick, 36, kept trophy from his breakthrough 2003 US Open win

Andy Roddick may have been the most decorated American tennis player of his generation, but good luck finding the silverware to show for it.

Roddick’s wife, Brooklyn Decker, said the former world No1 decided to throw away nearly all of his trophies during a recent cleaning spree at the couple’s home in Austin, Texas.

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WhatsApp lets you share any file you want

In its latest update, Whatsapp has upgraded a few of its capabilities. For starters, while its initial roll out of document attachments last year was limited to PDFs, users can now share any file type. Shared files are limited to 100MB according to W…

The cynical and dishonest denial of climate change has to end: it’s time for leadership | Gerry Hueston

Absence of climate and energy policy has left Australia lagging dangerously behind, missing out on investment and facing major electricity disruptions.

  • Gerry Hueston is chairperson of the Climate Council and former BP president

Australia has enough renewable energy to power the country 500 times over. With South Australia a step closer to unveiling the largest lithium ion battery storage facility in the world, it is clear just how fast we can make the transition to large-scale renewables when the right policy settings are in place and investors have certainty.

More than a decade ago, as the head of BP Australasia I pushed for action on climate change.

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Malcolm Turnbull says Donald Trump is ‘very easy to deal with’

The Australian prime minister says he met the US president with other world leaders in a ‘large, steel broom cupboard’ and had ‘a very good discussion’

Malcolm Turnbull has said he finds Donald Trump “very easy to deal with” as he related how world leaders had met the US president in a “large, steel broom cupboard” at the G20 summit in Hamburg.

“We had a very good discussion in his Scif [secure communications information facility],” the prime minister told Channel Seven’s Sunrise program on Friday.

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