‘I’m just glad my family is OK’: residents return to burnt houses in California – video

Residents return to the charred remains of what used to be their homes in the neighbourhoods of Anaheim and Santa Rosa in California. The wildfire, one of 17 burning across the state, left a landscape of devastation in its wake. At least 21 people have died in the wildfires that swept northern California. Hundreds are still missing, though authorities say the number was inflated by the lack of cellphone service because of the fire

California wildfire toll rises to 21 as evacuees return to a wasteland

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Kobe Steel chief admits scandal has hit trust as car checks spread

General Motors joins auto, train and aircraft manufacturers investigating whether they have used substandard products

The chief executive of Kobe Steel has said a deepening scandal over false inspections data may have spread beyond Japan, and conceded that his company now had “zero credibility”.

US carmaker General Motors is the latest manufacturer to check whether its cars contain falsely certified parts or components sourced from the the firm, Japan’s third-biggest steelmaker.

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Samsung scion fights back as legal appeal begins

SEOUL (Reuters) – The heir to South Korea’s Samsung Group, convicted of bribing the country’s former president, appeared in a packed court on Thursday for the first day of arguments in the appeal of his five-year jail term for corruption.