Will analog clocks go the way of the sundial?

In most realms of life, digital time displays now vastly outnumber analog, yet we still teach children to read clock faces and use them to test for conditions such as dementia and stroke. Perhaps we’ll only know what we’ve lost once analog timepieces are gone, writes Vivienne Pearson.

Sun, flee or disappointment? How will your memorial day weekend pan out

You’ve got big dreams of going to the beach or partying all weekend, and then reality hits

The pressure is on, it’s the first long weekend of the summer, and here you are, flailing, desperately trying to work out the best way to make the most of it. Months from now you’ll be a cold, sad, winter-enduring person, and after that, sweet, sweet death. This is your one chance to make the most of the free time. So how will you take ownership of that extra day off? Probably in one of these ways.

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