Trump travel ban: revised order blocked nationwide by Hawaii federal judge – live

New executive order banning travelers from six Muslim-majority countries was due to come into effect from midnight ET

11.27pm GMT

President Trump is due to be speaking at a rally in Nashville shortly. Will he address the latest stumble for his flagship executive order? We’ll cover it here.

In the meantime, this is not quite the snap Twitter response we were anticipating:

Thank you Andrew Jackson! #POTUS7 #USA

11.24pm GMT

In Washington state, which led the legal charge against the original travel ban and which continues to challenge the revised order, attorney general Bob Ferguson has hailed news from Hawaii:

Fantastic news. It’s very exciting.

At this point it’s a team effort: multiple lawsuits and multiple states.

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South Australia shows up the federal government … and rightwing commentary | Jason Wilson

The reaction to the South Australian energy plan from the federal government and rightwing media shows just how out of touch with public opinion they are

The South Australian government announced on Tuesday that it would address market failure with the time-honoured measure of government intervention. In addition, the Weatherill government has chosen to continue to rely extensively on renewable energy. Together, these themes in the government’s announcement have provoked the kind of howling rightwing atavism that shows exactly why they are increasingly at odds with the Australian public on this issue.

Cast your mind back to 2016, when South Australia suffered from major power outages. The right took this as a propaganda opportunity for the promotion of dirty power. The problem, op-ed after op-ed from Einsteins like Chris Kenny proclaimed, was the reliance on wind. Magic words like “baseload” were relentlessly defecated into the pail of our energy debate. The verdicts of experts were roundly ignored, if not castigated. It was all of a piece with the madness that has produced Senate inquiries into imaginary ailments and the veneration of inanimate carbon in the parliament.

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Federal judge in Hawaii blocks revised Trump travel ban nationwide

  • Temporary restraining order granted hours before new ban to come into effect
  • Plaintiffs argued curbs on six Muslim-majority countries were discriminatory

A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked Donald Trump’s revised travel ban just hours before it was due to go into effect, marking another stinging blow to the administration.

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GoPro cuts another 270 jobs

Despite a disappointing earnings report at the end of 2016, GoPro now expects to land "in the upper end" of its revenue goals for the first quarter of 2017 — somewhere in the neighborhood of $190 million to $210 million. That's the good news. The ba…