Malcolm Turnbull leaves open alternative to clean energy target after internal criticism

Prime minister says he will restrict gas exports and ask Aemo for advice on ‘optimising affordability for consumers’

The Turnbull government has moved to hose down intensifying internal concerns about rising power prices by confirming its intention to restrict gas exports, and by opening the way for an alternative to the clean energy target proposed by Australia’s chief scientist.

The prime minister confirmed on Tuesday the government would proceed with its previously telegraphed export controls forcing gas companies to supply the domestic market and would also unilaterally abolish limited merits review – a controversial legal mechanism that contributes to high power prices.

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NT child protection files end up at Alice Springs dump after mix-up

Filing cabinets full of confidential information mistakenly end up in recycling shop, with inquiry finding ‘consistent’ evidence of chaos in families department

The confidential files of Northern Territory families department clients and staff were accidentally sent to the Alice Springs recycling shop during an office relocation, where they were found by a member of the public, the government has revealed.

The documents included domestic violence orders, child protection cases, court orders, a child death file, the bank details of an employee, and other files containing the names of protected children, carers, and prospective adoptive parents.

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RAAF suspends air operations over Syria after Russian threat to coalition forces

Threat comes after US shoots down Syrian SU-22 fighter jet it claims was bombing Syrian Democratic Forces fighters near Raqqa

Australia has suspended air combat missions over Syria after Russia threatened that it would treat any plane from the US-led coalition flying west of the Euphrates river as a potential target.

Russia said it was responding to US planes shooting down a Syrian air force jet on Sunday. The US said its planes had acted to defend US-backed forces seeking to capture the Islamic State capital of Raqqa in north-east Syria.

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Greyhound trainers gave dogs arsenic, cocaine and cobalt after NSW ban reversed

Twenty trainers convicted of offences involving prohibited substances by Greyhound Racing NSW since mid-October

Greyhound trainers continued to give their dogs arsenic, cocaine and cobalt in the eight months after the New South Wales government reversed its ban.

Twenty trainers have been charged and convicted of offences involving prohibited substances by Greyhound Racing NSW since mid-October, stewards reports show. Their punishments have ranged from small fines of $625 to 12-month suspensions.

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