‘It just felt so right’: same-sex weddings – a photo essay

As photographers share their work to support marriage equality, six Australian couples share the stories of their big day

Beth and Tanya waited at the altar while their guests walked towards them down an aisle of autumn leaves. Matt arranged the wedding before Paul had said yes. Kylie’s dad gave a sermon for her and Rosalie. Govind and Adrian tied a gold knot around each other’s necks. Stephen and Dan had an instant attraction but waited 13 years for the big day. Some of Michelle and Georgia’s former pupils came too.

These wedding stories are all special and yet in their same way familiar. They all involve Australians. And yet, because Australia has yet to legalise same-sex marriage, there is one thing they don’t have in common. Either the weddings were held abroad; or they were held as ceremonies in Australia, aside from a legal marriage which took place elsewhere or not at all.

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Interest rate anxiety ‘new threat’ to central bank independence

Reserve Bank’s deputy governor Guy Debelle says people increasingly blame central banks for economic woes

One of the Reserve Bank’s most senior officials has warned the public’s anxiety about low interest rates and their affect on the distribution of wealth is posing a “new threat” to central bank independence.

Guy Debelle, RBA deputy governor, issued the warning to central bank colleagues in London overnight.

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