Opioid-related hospital visits up 99% in less than a decade, US data shows

States see vast differences in rate of inpatient stays, with Georgia seeing biggest increase, while stays are more common among women in most states

Opioid-related hospital visits in the US rose 99% and inpatient stays increased 64% in less than a decade, according to government data released on Tuesday. Each day, US hospitals received 3,500 people for opioid-related issues in 2014, compared with 1,800 in 2005, a new report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reveals.

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Instagram adds 24-hour live video replays to Stories

Late last year, Instagram introduced the ability to broadcast live video; simply swipe over to "Live" mode in the Stories camera, tap the button and stream away. But unlike Periscope and Facebook Live, those live videos couldn't be replayed after you…

American healthcare is at a crossroads. Where is the Democrats’ bold vision? | Ross Barkan

Republicans are promising to make healthcare worse for the people who need it most. Democrats are left with a mealy-mouthed defense of the status quo

How close the Senate Republicans are to repealing Obamacare is anyone’s guess. The same holds for a replacement bill will truly look like. Negotiations, to the horror of anyone with a half-functioning conscience, are occurring in secret, and no Republican will reveal what sort of punishment is in store for the most vulnerable Americans.

Democrats in the Senate, unlike the House, hold some leverage. Republicans can afford to only lose two votes and still pass a bill, and there are enough moderates from swing states to balk at any radical restructuring of American healthcare. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would like to hold a vote before the 4 July recess, doing Donald Trump’s dirty work before vacation time.

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