All About Women: four things we learned at the Opera House festival | Gabrielle Jackson

Women probably have better orgasms than men, solidarity is vital to equality and the digestive system is highly underrated

When I saw the film Suffragette last year, I left the theatre with a rage in my belly. “Why aren’t we throwing rocks?” I exclaimed. My friends stared blankly. “I think we should be throwing rocks at Parliament House!” People looked shocked. “Until we have 50% of women in parliament, I’m going to throw stones!”

I didn’t but this feeling re-emerges about this time every year when I attend the All About Women festival at Sydney Opera House. Jessa Crispin – who is a headliner at the festival this year – has made a name for herself recently by decrying feminism or, if not decrying it exactly, saying she can no longer call herself a feminist because popular feminism is too nice and asks for too little.

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America’s millions of Mexicans without documents live in fear of deportation

Donald Trump’s crackdown has been a terrifying bolt from the blue

The queue starts outside the consulate gate soon after dawn and stretches up Park View street. The visitors speak in low murmurs, exchanging the latest rumours. A dragnet in Glendale. Checkpoints in Highland Park. People deported for jaywalking. For speaking Spanish.

Some visitors say they have sold their furniture to create an emergency fund. Others wonder if they should stop going to work and pull their kids from school. Overreactions? Wise precautions? No one knows. They’ve come here for answers.

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The White House press corps needs to join the awkward squad

American journalism needs to overcome its injured dignity about first amendment privileges and learn to fight without them

Time for an inter-round summary. After an emollient sort-of State of the Union address, what about the State of the Media? Is it as “thin-skinned and narcissistic” as “blabbermouth Donnie”? (That’s a returning Jon Stewart’s sour verdict.) Is President Trump – more believed than press and broadcasters on one recent survey, less prone to exaggerate than the media and other elites on another – actually winning his battle for public opinion?

At the moment, you’d settle for a no-score draw because Trump’s popularity remains confined to the Republican base that elected him: but there are still ominous signs for the media. Does anyone, out in Ohio or Iowa, worry that the 45th commander-in-chief won’t break bread or crack jokes at the White House correspondents’ dinner? That’s narcissism squared.

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Penalty rates: Labor says it makes ‘no apology’ for Bill Shorten’s decision to oppose cut

Party says it had no choice but to oppose Fair Work Commission’s decision as unions plan Work Choices-style campaign

The shadow employment minister, Brendan O’Connor, has defended Labor’s decision to step away from the Fair Work Commission’s penalty rate decision as unions meet this week to plan a Work Choices-style campaign against the Coalition and One Nation.

O’Connor said that, while the Labor party had long been the guardian of the independent national workplace relations tribunal, the party had no option but to oppose the decision.

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