Kalgoorlie driver who ran over Elijah Doughty says actions not ‘unsafe’

Kalgoorlie man says he didn’t really think what would happen when he chased 14-year-old motorbike rider off road

A Kalgoorlie man who admitted to chasing and running over a 14-year-old boy on a motorcycle said he would not have thought his actions were “unsafe” if it had not resulted in a death, later adding “hindsight’s a beautiful thing.”

The 56-year-old man , who cannot be identified, told police in an interview almost eight hours after the crash that killed Noongar and Wongatha boy Elijah Doughty that he would not normally drive that close to another vehicle “because normally I was not doing pursuits.”

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Refugees who helped Edward Snowden now look to Canada as their only hope

Lawyers in Canada are frantically working to bring four refugees and their children over, amid concerns that they face grave reprisals over their actions

For two weeks they sheltered the world’s most wanted man, ferrying Edward Snowden between tiny apartments in Hong Kong’s poorest neighborhood.

Now the four refugees are at the centre of a court battle in Canada, as lawyers frantically work to bring them and their children to the country amid concerns that they face grave reprisals over their actions.

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Healthcare plan flatlines again

• Senate plan ‘B’ fails… then plan ‘C’ fails… Trump plans to blame Democrats… ‘We’re not going to own it’

• Get the day’s politics news in 60 seconds every weekday. By Tom McCarthy

10.52pm BST

After the collapse of a Republican health care reform bill in the Senate Monday night, leader Mitch McConnell declared a new plan, which then immediately collapsed. Barack Obama’s healthcare law lives on…

Last-ditch effort thwarted

10.52pm BST

Donald Trump responded to the news with a plan to “let Obamacare fail” (presumably through executive branch sabotage), have Democrats catch the blame, win additional Republican seats in 2018 and then try again.

Here’s the plan

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