Centrelink robo-debt program accused of enforcing ‘illegal’ debts

Former Administrative Appeals Tribunal member says calculating income by averaging it ‘arguably breaches’ commonwealth policy

The Turnbull government’s robo-debt program involves enforcement of “illegal” debts that in some cases are inflated or nonexistent, a former member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal has said.

The scathing indictment of the program is contained in an academic paper by Prof Terry Carney that also accuses Centrelink of failing to defend the legality of debts in the AAT and suggests the tribunal should set aside debts until the agency has proved the amounts are correct.

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Victoria police who beat Melbourne pensioner ‘should be taken off their job’

Lawyers say officers should be immediately stood down and incident is the ‘tip of the iceberg’

Lawyers have called for police captured in CCTV footage pinning down and beating a mentally unwell Melbourne pensioner to be immediately stood down, and have said similar incidents are occurring across Victoria every day.

Following the release of the footage by the ABC and Fairfax Media, lawyers gathered on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne on Wednesday morning to call for an end to police brutality.

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Chicken salt: the rise and fall (and rise again?) of Australia’s favourite condiment | Adam Liaw

Is chicken salt making a comeback? Adam Liaw investigates the South Australian delicacy – and mourns the demise of the classic Aussie chicken shop

When I was in high school there was a rumour going around about my friend Jodie and, more specifically, her dad. It invited both awe and incredulity in equal measure.

As far as rumours go, it wasn’t particularly salacious. The word on the street was simply that Jodie’s dad had invented Australia’s most beloved of seasonings: chicken salt.

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