Countries with coral reefs must do more on climate change – Unesco

Custodians of world heritage-listed sites should aim to keep global temperature increases to just 1.5C, UN agency says

Countries with responsibility over world heritage-listed coral reefs should adopt ambitious climate change targets, aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions to levels that would keep global temperature increases to just 1.5C, the UN agency responsible for overseeing world heritage sites has said.

At a meeting of Unesco’s world heritage committee in Krakow, Poland, a decision was adopted that clarified and strengthened the responsibility of countries that have custodianship over world-heritage listed coral reefs.

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New claims of war crimes by Australian special forces shine light on culture of impunity | Ben Wadham

Allegations of the killing of two children in Afghanistan are just the latest controversies about the behaviour of the ADF

• Ben Wadham is a sociologist at Flinders University, a former infantry soldier and military investigator

Once again Australian special forces are being investigated for war crimes. This time it’s for alleged killings said to have occurred in Afghanistan in 2012 and 2013 involving the deaths of two children.

The first involves the alleged unlawful killing of the 14- or 15-year-old Afghan boy Khan Mohammed in Kandahar province.

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‘Britski First’

Their manifesto calls for a near-total halt to immigration, but the far-right political party Britain First is now actively trying to appeal to Polish immigrants living in the UK.