Harvey Weinstein’s alleged behaviour is the accepted way in LA

Actor says all Hollywood agents and managers are complicit in the exploitation and degradation of women

In the mid 2000s, when I was in my early 20s, I left a long-running TV show in the UK and went to Los Angeles to pursue my dream. I arrived knowing no one, but I had a manager set up through my London agent, and I got the very first job I auditioned for, which was the female lead in a pilot shooting in an exotic location – dream come true!

I was cast by the producers, so had to meet the director separately. He was friendly and charming. He started inviting me out in the evenings, so we could get to know each other. As I had no friends in LA, I didn’t think twice about going. He then said he wanted to take me to his family home in the mountains outside LA, along with the other main cast, so we could get some preparatory work done.

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An appreciation of 2017’s in-game shopkeepers

In-game shops are more than handy outlets to transform random metal scraps and tired old gear into new and useful items. Shops offer a reprieve from the action of whichever digital world you've entered, allowing you to take a moment, breathe and cons…