Russia inquiry examines flow of fake news | The minute

Got a minute? 1,000 ‘paid internet trolls’ in Russia… Trump team threatens military force in North Korea… Trump lands in Poland… and everything else today in US politics. By Tom McCarthy

10.46pm BST

Investigators are looking into whether Trump supporters and far-right websites coordinated with Moscow over the release of fake news, or paid to boost those stories on Facebook, the Guardian’s Julian Borger reports.

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10.46pm BST

In a 30-day period, dozens of full-blown sites appeared overnight, running full level production posts. It screamed out to me that something strange was going on.

– John Mattes, who helped run Bernie Sanders’ online campaign

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Newly discovered photo reignites Amelia Earhart conspiracy theory

Photo purportedly shows pilot and navigator on a dock in the Marshall Islands in 1937 – under Japanese rule at the time – but some experts remain unconvinced

A newly unearthed picture from the US national archives has given new credence to a popular theory about the disappearance of pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart.

Some experts say the image shows the pilot, her navigator Fred Noonan and her airplane in the Marshall Islands in 1937, when the archipelago was occupied by Japan – proving that she died in Japanese custody, rather than during a crash landing in the Pacific.

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