Steam Link beta has landed on Google Play

If you've been itching to play Steam games on your phone, the day you've been waiting for has arrived — we just hope you have an Android device. The Steam Link app, which gives you the power to stream games from your computer without having to buy V…

Bianca Spender on sustainable fashion: ‘There’s always a way to weave in something beautiful’

The Australian designer on her latest resort collection, being inspired by the end of corsets and making better clothes

The #MeToo movement, the 19th-century designer Emilie Flöge and the water stewardship council of Australia may seem to be unlikely inspirations for a fashion show but these are all part of the backstory for Bianca Spender’s latest collection.

On Monday the designer launched her resort collection at Australian fashion week. In a show staged in a cavernous warehouse with bare-brick walls, she sent a parade of young women down the runway in draped dresses, sculptural tops and tailored pants.

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