Richard Di Natale annoyed by resentful Greens undermining Batman candidate

Greens leader says leaks to media about Alex Bhathal hurt chances of ‘strong, progressive woman’ being elected

Richard Di Natale has spoken of his frustration that one week out from a byelection in the Victorian electorate of Batman, disgruntled Greens party members are continuing to leak damaging reports about its candidate, Alex Bhathal.

The Greens leader disputed parts of a report by the ABC on Friday that he had ordered Bhathal be investigated five years ago over the alleged use of confidential party information, and said it was concerning that Greens members were leaking information to the media to undermine her.

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Michaelia Cash’s officials take awkward questions off the record | The Weekly Beast

Transcript of minister’s Q&A gets stripped. Plus: Chris Lilley isn’t going to ‘brown face’ for Netflix

Media coverage of the embattled employment minister, Michaelia Cash, hasn’t been as bad as last week, but all things are relative. Earlier this week her department released a transcript of a “doorstop” interview – a huddle with reporters.

The Q&A had been redacted to remove questions and answers – including several on the raid on the Australian Workers’ Union – which the department said didn’t relate to the senator’s portfolio of jobs and innovation. Strange, because those questions are evidently official business. Leigh Sales, presenter of 7.30, said the questions had been “censored”.

Cash’s office quickly blamed an “overzealous staffer” in the department and not her office for tampering with the record.

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