This is why you shouldn’t bite an iPhone battery

We're nothing if not helpful here at Engadget and we're always looking out for your wellbeing. So today we have a little bit of advice for you: Don't bite your iPhone battery. One man found this out the hard way, Appleinsider reports, causing a minor…

Trans-Pacific Partnership revived after 11 nations agree to trade deal

Canada coaxed back into deal after lobbying by Japan and Australia, while door left open for US to participate despite Trump ruling it out

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, which had been on life support since Donald Trump’s US withdrawal, has finally been resuscitated.

The 11 remaining countries are expected to sign a tweaked agreement on 8 March in Chile, Australia’s trade minister, Steve Ciobo, has confirmed.

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CIA chief says North Korea is ‘a handful of months’ from endangering US

Mike Pompeo says the Trump administration is under pressure to prevent North Korea from being able to fire nuclear missiles

The CIA director, Mike Pompeo, has said that the Trump administration is intent on preventing North Korea from being able to fire multiple nuclear missiles at the United States, apparently sketching out a new red line for the regime in Pyongyang.

Speaking in Washington, Pompeo explained for the first time what the administration meant when it warns that it would not allow the regime of Kim Jong-un to threaten the US with a nuclear weapon.

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Female journalists kept at back of Pence’s visit to Western Wall

  • Reporter says women ‘penned off’ behind male colleagues
  • Arrangements contrast with those for Trump and Obama visits

A spiritual visit by the US vice-president, Mike Pence, to Jerusalem’s Western Wall has been overshadowed after female journalists were forced to stand behind their male counterparts in a fenced-off area.

While women and men are separated by the ultra-Orthodox Jewish authority that runs the plaza, both sexes are normally able to look into each other’s section. During previous visits by Donald Trump and Barack Obama, sexes were divided although female reporters and photographers were afforded an unobstructed view.

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