Corporate tax non-compliance costing government $2.5bn, says commissioner

Chris Jordan also admits the tax office’s reputation was badly damaged by the Plutus Payroll fraud scandal in National Press Club address

The head of the Australian Taxation Office has warned the federal government is missing out on roughly $2.5bn in tax revenue a year from Australia’s biggest companies, due to tax non-compliance.

Chris Jordan also admitted how “dismayed” he felt about the Plutus Payroll tax scandal engulfing the tax office, which led to a high-ranking officer being charged last month with alleged abuse of public office.

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Casuals could get permanent jobs after a year under Fair Work proposal

Businesses would have to offer casuals a job if they have been working hours that qualify them for full or part-time position

Casuals could be offered permanent jobs after 12 months under a new Fair Work Commission proposal, which would help tackle what unions say is an “epidemic” of insecure work.

In a decision published on Wednesday, the commission said a “casual conversion provision” was necessary to make sure employers did not keep people on casual contracts indefinitely.

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Actors on streaming shows reach a deal for better pay

It's not just writers who are getting a better deal from streaming video providers. SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have reached a "tentative" 3-year deal that includes better pay for actors on Amazon, Hulu, Netf…