Geoffrey Rush denies allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ in play

Oscar-winner who starred in Sydney Theatre Company’s production of King Lear says he has received no details of the complaint from the company or accuser

The Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush has denied allegations of “inappropriate behaviour” during a Sydney Theatre Company production of King Lear, after the company said it had received a complaint against him.

Rush’s lawyer said in a statement that Rush had not been informed of the nature of the complaint by the complainant or the theatre company, either at the time the complaint was made 21 months ago or since.

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Special relationship? Theresa May discovers she has no friend in Donald Trump | Julian Borger

The US president’s Twitter attack on Britain’s prime minister leaves her with a toxic diplomatic dilemma – how to respond to a contemptuous US president

It is some poor official’s job this morning to tell Theresa May that while she slept, the relationship with the US became special for all the wrong reasons.

It is at least historic. No US president in modern times has addressed a UK prime minister with the open peevishness and contempt of Donald Trump’s tweet telling May to mind her own business.

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