Slashing immigration: the one thing uniting most US conservatives

In this week’s Burst Your Bubble column, Jason Wilson looks into conservative thinking on Stephen Miller’s clash with Jim Acosta

When Trump’s aide Stephen Miller rounded on CNN’s Jim Acosta in a press conference yesterday, the “alt-right” and the nationalist wing of conservatism came alive.

Miller’s turn at the podium combined an announcement of White House support for the Raise bill – which will halve legal immigration – and open disrespect for “legacy media”. Miller managed to embody a kind of soft white nationalism; his performance was just the thing ardent nationalist Trump supporters had been clamoring for while the president got lost in the weeds of healthcare and tax reform.

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Trump to Peña Nieto: border wall not so important – just don’t say you won’t pay

Report reveals leaked transcripts of phone call between US and Mexican presidents, in which Trump begs Peña Nieto not to tell press he won’t pay for wall

Donald Trump dismissed the importance of a border wall, his signature campaign issue, in a phone conversation with the president of Mexico.

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Trump’s great feat? Making Mitt Romney seem the epitome of common sense | Emma Brockes

The normalisation of the US president’s behaviour is worrying – but more terrifying is the normalisation of Republicans we once considered screwballs

It has become a truism of the Trump era that the political divisions that have polarised the US electorate have, on a micro-scale, torn families apart. Around Christmas and Thanksgiving, newspapers in the US abounded with advice columns on how to deal with the horror of Trump-voting relatives. We are all supposedly straining to burst our filter bubbles. Less remarked on is the power of Trump to bring families together.

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