US federal court sentences José Maria Marin to four years for corruption

• Former president of Brazil Football Federation arrested in 2015
• Marin is first Fifa official sentenced after US-led investigation

Former Brazil Football Federation president José Maria Marin has been sentenced to four years in prison by a United States federal court following his conviction for corruption. The 86-year-old was one of seven Fifa officials arrested at a Zurich hotel in May 2015.

Following a six-week trial, Marin was found guilty in December 2017 on six of the seven counts against him of money laundering, wire fraud and conspiratorial racketeering. The sentencing took place in Brooklyn, New York, by US District Judge Pamela Chen.

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It’s Dutton Day! What the papers say about the chaos in Canberra

Papers and websites across the country have one story on their front – so if politics is not your thing you are doomed

Another day, another leadership drama in Canberra. Before 9am on Thursday Peter Dutton had been out calling for another leadership spill. The prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said show me your numbers.

It came after two days of wild machinations in the capital. Here’s what the papers were saying on Thursday.

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Peter Dutton calls for second leadership spill amid chaos in Canberra – politics live

Turnbull government chaos escalates amid more ministerial resignations and a formal request for a second spill

11.20pm BST

This all appears to be part of the Dutton camp’s strategy. Keep things moving. Keep the pressure on Turnbull. Try to force him into a party room meeting.

We saw similar tactics last night. Turnbull is, so far, remaining firm. They are confident they still have the numbers.

I’m not aware of anyone who’s changed their views since Tuesday’s party room meeting.

I’m confident that that’s the case, since Tuesday we’ve obviously also seen strong statement of support from those cabinet ministers that voted for Peter Dutton on Tuesday.

11.14pm BST

Blink and you’ll have missed it. Dutton’s press conference was incredibly brief.

He confirmed only that he asked for a second leadership spill.

I’m going to address the media later on. As I put out, by way of statement earlier, earlier this morning I called the Prime Minister to advise him that it was my judgement that the majority of the party room no longer supported his leadership. As such, I asked him to convene a meeting of the Liberal Party at which I would challenge for the leadership of the parliamentary Liberal Party. Thank you very much.

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Peter Gilmore’s Quay named Australia’s best restaurant

It’s the fourth time Gourmet Traveller’s top prize has gone to the Sydney harbourside restaurant

A month after unveiling its $4 million refurbishment and complete menu overhaul, celebrity chef Peter Gilmore’s Sydney institution Quay has won the critics’ tick of approval, being named Australia’s best restaurant at Gourmet Traveller’s restaurant awards on Wednesday night.

It’s the fourth time the top prize has gone to the harbourside restaurant, which has also had the publication’s top rating – three stars – for an unprecedented 14 years in a row.

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