Gervonta Davis talks a good fight but Floyd Mayweather Jr steals limelight

Mayweather’s protégé defends his IBF superfeatherweight title against Liam Walsh in London on Saturday

Professional boxing operates on a simple principle: destroy all harmony. It has been that way for a couple of centuries and it is not altogether a mystery given it is a sport that accommodates raw, if legal, violence.

That it is why casual observers were pleasantly surprised when Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko refused to “get in the gutter” before trying to knock each other unconscious in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley two weekends ago.

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Homebody Trump jets off on first foreign trip – and packs his ketchup

The president isn’t big on foreign travel, but he’ll have his needs accommodated on the nine-day jaunt, including his beloved steak with a side of ketchup

When Donald Trump sits down for dinner in Saudi Arabia, caterers have ensured that his favorite meal – steak with a side of ketchup – will be offered alongside the traditional local cuisine.

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Trump diehards dismiss Russia scandal: ‘Show me the proof – or get off his case’

The latest controversy to hit the White House has rocked Washington – but Trump voters in this once-Democratic stronghold are standing by their man

Nobody really knows what Donald Trump’s supporters would do if the president really did stand in the middle of New York’s Fifth Avenue and shoot someone.

For now, the president has merely fired the director of the FBI and been saddled with a special counsel investigating possible links between his 2016 campaign and an alleged Russian effort to interfere in the election.

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