What’s a ‘lone wolf’? It’s the special name we give white terrorists | Moustafa Bayoumi

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock seems to fit every definition of a terrorist – apart from being Muslim. Domestic terrorism is a deadlier threat and should be taken much more seriously

We have a double standard in the United States when it comes to talking about terrorism. The label is reserved almost exclusively for when we’re talking about Muslims.

Consider Stephen Craig Paddock, the shooter in Sunday’s massacre in Las Vegas. Is he a terrorist? Well, the authorities aren’t calling him one, at least not yet.

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Uber agrees to limit the power of its former CEO

Uber's board members got together to vote on some big changes that will allow a significant investment to push through. In a statement, the ride-hailing firm said that the board "voted unanimously to move forward with the proposed investment by SoftB…