Prosecutor says film’s edit of Michael Brown shooting distorts incident

Film-maker Jason Pollock stands by documentary Stranger Fruit, after prosecutor says surveillance footage of Ferguson incident is deceptive and dangerous

A prosecutor was critical Monday of store surveillance footage from a new documentary about the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, calling it a heavily edited attempt to distort an incident that occurred several hours before Brown died in an encounter with a police officer.

Film-maker Jason Pollock responded by calling St Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch a “master of deception” and standing by the video shown in his documentary Stranger Fruit.

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Michael Brown shooting: new footage raises questions – video

A new documentary containing previously undisclosed video of Michael Brown at a convenience store hours before he was shot and killed by a white police officer is raising new questions in the case. The film-maker Jason Pollock claims the footage shown in his documentary Stranger Fruit shows a much friendlier exchange between Brown and the store workers than what police initially released. That edited version of the tape showed Brown pushing a worker before walking out with cigarillos in an apparent robbery

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Richard Di Natale: four-day week could help cope with jobs lost to automation

Greens leader will argue case for guaranteed adequate income to deal with increasing role of automation in economy

The Greens leader, Richard Di Natale, will use a speech to the National Press Club on Wednesday to “kick off a conversation” about Australians working less, flagging a four-day week or a six-hour day as automation drives job shedding across the Australian economy.

Di Natale will also telegraph a new housing affordability policy, to be released by the Greens shortly, which will include reform of negative gearing and capital gains and “a transition plan for the states” to abolish stamp duty.

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Socioeconomic disadvantage puts students three years behind, report finds

Australian schools’ maths and science results have flatlined for the past 20 years relative to comparable countries

The difference between attending a disadvantaged school and a more privileged one is the equivalent of three years of education, a report on Australia’s test results has found.

On Wednesday the Australian Council for Educational Research (Acer) released two reports on the performance of Australian children in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (Timss) and the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) tests.

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Q&A: What will happen if the US Federal Reserve raises interest rates?

Janet Yellen, the Fed chair who has been criticised by Donald Trump, is set to raise rates for third time since financial crash

The US central bank is poised to raise interest rates for only the third time since the financial crash of 2008. With it’s headquarters just round the corner from the White House, the Federal Reserve and it’s chair, Janet Yellen, are in Donald Trump’s sights.

On the campaign trail Trump said Yellen should be “ashamed” of the Fed’s low interest rate policy, and accused the bank of creating a “false stock market”. Trump has called for higher rates, but Yellen can not take a positive presidential reaction for granted.

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