Police say they were ‘authorized by McDonald’s’ to arrest protesters, suit claims

Fight for $15 chapter in Memphis alleges that officers engaged in surveillance and intimidation of fast-food worker organization

Police claimed they had “authorization from the president of McDonald’s” to arrest protesting fast food workers, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed on Wednesday against the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

The suit alleges that local police engaged in a “widespread and illegal campaign of surveillance and intimidation” against a local chapter of the Fight for $15 fast-food worker organization as it campaigned for an increase in the minimum wage and union rights for fast food workers.

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Private investor divests $34.8m from firms tied to Dakota Access pipeline

Storebrand, a sustainable investment manager in Norway, hopes pulling shares from three groups will ‘make some sort of impact’ amid Defund DAPL movement

Norway’s largest private investor is divesting from three companies tied to the Dakota Access pipeline, a small victory for the Standing Rock movement one week after the eviction of the main protest encampment.

Storebrand, a sustainable investment manager with $68bn in assets, sold off $34.8m worth of shares in Phillips 66, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, and Enbridge, the company announced Wednesday. The three companies are partial owners of the pipeline.

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The Oculus Rift and Touch bundle is now $200 cheaper

We're just a few weeks away from the one-year anniversary of Oculus shipping the Rift to consumers, so now would be a good time for the company to drop some news. And here it is. Starting today, Oculus will begin selling Rift and Touch bundles on its…

Trump’s healthcare proposal: recycling Republican ideas to replace Obamacare

In his speech to Congress, the president finally clarified his views on replacing the Affordable Care Act, laying out four cornerstones of a new plan

After months of foggy promises to unveil a “great healthcare plan” for Americans and an admission that health policy is “complicated”, Donald Trump finally took a side in the debate over how to replace the Affordable Care Act during a joint session of Congress, calling for a package of recycled Republican health ideas.

Changes Trump called for would radically alter what is in the health insurance policies Americans purchase, abandoning the goal of “universal” coverage in favor of a more limited principle that Republicans say gives Americans “access” to coverage – at a price. His promises will likely reassure Republican leadership, as party in-fighting continues.

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