WikiLeaks CIA cache: Fool me once

This week's poorly conceived distraction from Trump and Putin sittin' in a tree was brought to us by WikiLeaks, who dumped 8,761 documents of the CIA's hacking arsenal online for all to see. The leak factory didn't even bother trying to play coy — i…

Doing death differently: today’s funerals are not like they used to be

A wake in a cafe or on the beach, burial in a cardboard coffin – funerals are increasingly personalised and non-religious

Greg Inglis holds in his mind a clear image of his mother’s memorial service. Randwick racecourse in Sydney, a couple of weeks after her cremation. Her friends and family “dressed to the nines”, sharing their memories over champagne and caviar. Then – with permission from the grounds – her ashes scattered at the finishing post.

But Inglis’s mother – a part-time racehorse trainer – died in 1999, and that farewell is far from what actually took place. Two days after she died in a St Vincent de Paul hospice, Inglis says he was “forced” into holding a funeral service in its in-house chapel. It cost $11,000. It took no more than 45 minutes – “there was another service on after that.”

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Getting away with murder: police culture, gay hate, and Sydney’s shame | Duncan McNab

Former police officer turned true crime author Duncan McNab reflects on the bad old days of NSW police force culture of the 70s and 80s

When I joined the NSW Police in 1977 it was male dominant and bleached white. If you wanted to talk about diversity, then it was either Catholic or Anglican. In my graduating class from the Academy of around 60 recruits, there were only four women. No one was gay – or would admit to it anyway – and with decriminalisation a few years in the future, it was probably wise to remain silent. No one wanted to be different in the brotherhood.

Dissent was treated decisively and often brutally – one detective was carted off to a psychiatric institution to close him down, others had threats of trumped up charges, or if they were lucky – being forced to work with the officers they’d complained about.

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