The Handmaid’s Tale is timely. But that’s not why it’s so terrifying | Jessica Valenti

Hulu’s new series based on the dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood has been keeping me up at night because of its portrayal of everyday sexism

When Hulu released a trailer for their adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian classic The Handmaid’s Tale, some conservatives didn’t realize the series was based on a decades-old novel – they thought it was created in response to Trump’s presidential win.

The confusion makes some sense. Much of the show feels familiar in today’s political climate: children being wrenched from their parents’ arms at borders. A lesbian tortured in order, she’s told, to cure her unnatural appetites. Women forced to carry pregnancies after they’ve been raped.

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How would Donald Trump’s tax plan benefit him? Let us count the ways | Michael Paarlberg

Taking Trump at his word that he’s ‘really rich’, it’s safe to say he’d personally benefit from several marquee features of his plan. Here’s how

It’s a kind of truism that politicians often turn out to be the best poster children for the sins they rail against, whether government waste or adultery. Consider rent-seeking, the use of politics for personal enrichment by special interests, which is how Republicans regard most regulations. There’s a whole branch of economics, favored by conservatives, called public choice theory, which analyzes politicians as fundamentally selfish economic actors, similar to businesses, and policy as the product of their profit-maximizing motives, rather than anything so quaint as “the public interest”.

It’s hard to imagine a better living embodiment of this theory than Donald Trump, or a better example of rent-seeking than his tax plan, from which he stands to potentially gain tens of millions of dollars a year.

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