Senators seek Rod Rosenstein pledge to name a special prosecutor on Russia ties

Donald Trump’s deputy attorney general nominee faces a confirmation hearing in which his approach to investigating alleged Russia ties will be the key question

Will Trump’s nominee for deputy attorney general pledge to appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate “the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia”?

That’s the question Democrats will be asking Rod Rosenstein during his confirmation hearing on Tuesday morning. Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate minority leader, said on Monday that this was “far and away the most important question” that Rosenstein would need to answer.

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Show us: what does the resistance movement look like?

Share your stories, photos and videos from the resistance movement

The Guardian has launched a new project, the Resistance Now, dedicated to covering the people, ideas and actions pushing back against perceived threats to society. We want to share your story of resistance.

Maybe it’s demanding answers at a town hall. Maybe it’s protesting against threats to the environment and the deportation of immigrants. Or marching in support of equality and racial justice – or restoring a cemetery after acts of antisemitism.

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Republican lawmakers dodge town halls – so activists bring one to their door

A group in Pennsylvania hoped to surprise four congressman who had avoided in-person town hall meetings, but it didn’t end the way they had planned

Four members of Congress dodged hundreds of their own constituents who attempted to hold an impromptu town hall with them on Monday afternoon.

The Republican lawmakers – Lloyd Smucker, Pat Meehan, Charlie Dent and Ryan Costello – had all avoided holding in-person town halls during the recent congressional recess, dubbed “Resistance recess” because of the number of angry constituents who confronted their representatives during the week.

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Mannequin sting catches suspect in Las Vegas homeless murders

Police used a unique ploy in their efforts to find the perpetrator behind brutal deaths of two men living on the streets of Las Vegas

It was 3am at a secluded Las Vegas intersection, a place home to little else except the occasional homeless person sleeping on a bed of gravel. A figure strode back and forth, his attention drawn to a motionless form under some blankets.

The man, identified by police as Shane Schindler, 30, pulled a hood over his head. He lifted a four-pound hammer with both hands to “generate maximum force”, according to police, and brought it down on the recumbent shape “with the intent to kill”.

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