Congressional baseball game: politicians come together after Virginia shooting

Charity game resembled a professional one a day after congressman Steve Scalise and three others were wounded: ‘At the end of the we are all human beings’

Under the bright glare of the national spotlight, the congressional baseball game was transformed on Thursday a day after the shooting of majority whip Steve Scalise and three others at a practice session for the Republican team.

Long an institution in Washington, the charity game is traditionally played in front of a crowd of staffers, lobbyists and reporters. It combines the competitiveness of beer league softball with the unique celebrity culture of a White House correspondents’ dinner.

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Ex-Bath and England coach Mike Ford joins Dallas in US Major League Rugby

  • Coach most recently with Toulon signs ‘long-term contract’ in new league
  • MLR aims to begin play in spring 2018 as competitions jostle for US success

The former Bath, England and Lions coach Mike Ford has signed with the Dallas Griffins, one of nine teams forming Major League Rugby, a US competition which aims to begin play in 2018.

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Trump to announce new restrictions on Cuba trade and travel

New policy, which does not entirely reverse changes made by Obama, will be announced in Miami on Friday

Donald Trump will on Friday announce new restrictions on trade and travel to Cuba on Friday, but will not entirely reverse Barack Obama’s 2015 rapprochement with Havana.

Diplomatic relations will remain, and so will commercial flights, but travel to Cuba will be more tightly monitored and business will face restrictions aimed at ensuring that Cuban military and intelligence organisations do not benefit.

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Our energy policy: stupidity, economic illiteracy, or sponsored obfuscation? | Tim Buckley

The scale and pace of change in energy markets globally is staggering. So why isn’t Australia catching up with the rest of the world?

As we dissect the Finkel review’s failure to give serious credence to Australia’s commitment to the Paris agreement, what is yet again missing from the debate is a discussion of the economic and technological transition that is rapidly unfolding.

President Donald Trump attempts to revive failed rust belt industries in the states with hollow and economically ludicrous promises – promises which helped put him into the White House. New industries are growing that have already created many millions of jobs around the world and which will provide clean energy to power the 21st century.

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