Rescued sailors make it ashore after five-month ordeal

US women reveal they had to abandon towing attempt by Taiwanese vessel after it caused more damage to their stricken boat

Two women from Hawaii who were adrift on a storm-battered sailboat in the Pacific for months set foot on solid ground Monday at a US Naval base in southern Japan.

The USS Ashland rescued Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava and their two dogs about 1,450km (900 miles) south-east of Japan, and brought them to America’s White Beach naval facility after waiting for a typhoon to pass.

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Unions want answers about alleged role of agency staffer in AWU raid leak

ACTU asks if Fair Work Ombudsman media officer is fit to continue in his job in light of new evidence about the raids

Unions have questioned why a media officer at the agency investigating the Australian Workers’ Union is fit to continue in his job if he is concerned there is a “widespread and understandable suspicion” he was the source of the leak about federal police raids on the union.

In a letter to the Fair Work Ombudsman sent on Sunday, the Australian Council of Trade Unions noted a report that its director of media, Mark Lee, was due to take a role in the office of the employment minister, Michaelia Cash, and questioned whether that created a conflict of interest.

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Diary of disaster: the last days inside Manus Island detention centre | Behrouz Boochani

I wake up from another nightmare. I am weary from writing about people who have died. We are now one of the most forgotten people on earth

Behrouz Boochani is a journalist and an Iranian refugee held on Manus Island since August 2014. The Guardian invited Boochani to keep a diary of the countdown to the closure of the Australian-run detention camp that is due to close on Tuesday.

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George Brandis may have cost would-be Liberal senator her seat

Hollie Hughes may be ineligible to fill spot left by Fiona Nash due to her appointment to administrative appeals tribunal

George Brandis may have cost the would-be Liberal senator Hollie Hughes a seat in parliament.

In the latest edition of the section 44 merry-go-round that has plagued the 45th parliament, Hughes, who is next in line on the New South Wales Senate ticket to fill the position left vacant by Fiona Nash, may herself be ineligible because of her June appointment to the administrative appeals tribunal.

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World Series fast turning into classic as Astros beat Dodgers in thrilling slugfest

If the wild, extra-innings slugfest in the second game of this captivating World Series was unhinged, Game 5 was certifiably insane. It was also an instant classic.
The Los Angeles Dodgers’ formidable ace, Clayton Kershaw, was cruising yet let slip a four-run lead. The Houston Astros blasted two game-tying three-run home runs yet had to come from behind again … only to blow a three-run advantage in the ninth inning.

The World Series balls are reportedly a boon for power hitters and a bugbear for finesse pitchers and here was more evidence for that thesis, an evening of big blasts, bad pitching and momentum shifts that twisted from one team to the other in the swing of a bat. This is a series that makes fools out of anyone who makes assumptions. No lead was safe, no matter how big, no matter how late in the game.

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Turnbull’s rejection of an Indigenous voice to parliament is immoral and foolish | Shireen Morris

The prime minister has destroyed Australia’s best chance of meaningful reform in Indigenous affairs

Australians should know the facts of the Turnbull government’s despicable rejection of the Uluru “statement from the heart” and the Referendum Council’s report on constitutional recognition. First Dog on the Moon nailed the truth: this government was never interested in listening to Indigenous Australians.

The prime minister let slip the minimalist outcome he wanted before consultations even began. In November last year, Malcolm Turnbull told the Referendum Council, which was appointed to advise the government on how to proceed with recognising Indigenous people in the constitution, that only minimalism would be acceptable. In a private meeting, Turnbull said the representative body had a “snowflake’s chance in hell”. “It’s just my personal view,” he qualified – with the omniscient wisdom of the guy who led the losing team in the republic referendum.

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