Club for Hollywood Republicans locked in dispute – caused in part by Trump

The original Friends of Abe club dissolved last year because of fractures caused by Trump’s run for president – and now an upstart rival is on the scene

Hollywood conservatives used to cherish the Friends of Abe as a secretive club where they could meet and vent rightwing views safe from liberal backlash.

It boasted Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight and Kelsey Grammer as members, and hosted top Republicans, including Donald Trump, at events in Los Angeles.

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Eero upgrades its mesh WiFi system with more power

Last year, Eero launched an all-in-one WiFi solution that aims to rid your house of dead spots forever. Each Eero hub combines the functions of a router, a range extender and a repeater, and once you combine two or more together, you essentially crea…

LeBron James refuses to be drawn on future: ‘I need to figure this thing out’

After the Cleveland Cavaliers fell to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals, the Cavaliers had a lot of emotions to process. Head coach Tyronn Lue said he “broke down” and couldn’t even finish his speech in the locker room. “A lot of guys cried because they wanted it bad,” he said.

But a stone-faced LeBron James refused to be drawn on his plans. When asked about his future in the league, he said: “For me personally – I don’t know. I need to sit down and figure this thing out. And so I don’t know as far as me personally right now.”

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‘Too early to say’ if Coalition will back clean energy target, Frydenberg says

Three-hour meeting fails to resolve government’s position on Finkel review but energy minister denies there’s a backbench revolt

Josh Frydenberg says it is too soon to say if the Coalition party room will support a clean energy target after a three-hour extraordinary meeting in which a number of government colleagues raised concerns about the core recommendations of the Finkel review.

Speaking on ABC on Tuesday night, the energy and environment minister said MPs were “concerned about the future of coal” and about rising electricity prices, and he stressed the proposed clean energy target did not prohibit the building of new coal-fired power stations.

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