My brother was homeless for 25 years. He just got an apartment. Now what?

Andrew has lived in tents and lean-tos since he was a troubled teen in California. Moving into an apartment does not have the effect his brother anticipates

A few days after Christmas, my older brother moved into a new apartment in downtown Corvallis, a bucolic college town in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Even after living there for half a year, Andrew was a little reluctant to have me visit. He was falling behind in a role-playing computer game he commits to for months at a time, he said. He didn’t think be able to tidy the place up. I didn’t care, I assured him.

The intercom system didn’t work, so I slipped in as someone else left his building and texted him to come get me. In the hallway, he passed the woman who lives in the next apartment over. “How’s it going, neighbor?” he said with a friendly lilt. It’s nice having neighbors, Andrew said. You see them in the hallways.

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The Morning After: Monday, October 30th 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. This Monday, you're waking up to Nintendo's hit console on track to outsell its predecessor's lifetime sales in a single year, rigid region-based search from Google and Kinect's weird experimental life.

Will Donald Trump bring down the NFL’s once untouchable leader Roger Goodell?

Despite a string of controversies the NFL commissioner’s ability to generate money for owners helped protect him. But now their patience is wearing thin

How odd would it be if, after a tumultuous decade of debacle and debate in Roger Goodell’s NFL, the one to bring down the commissioner turns out to be Donald Trump?

For the first time in his tenure the Goodell’s job is in danger and the uncertainty has come swiftly. Just weeks ago Goodell was on the verge of a five-year contract extension worth more than $100m. The new deal was believed to be certain, an affirmation that although Goodell has irritated many of the league’s owners and is wildly unpopular with fans, those same owners believed he could keep making them mounds of money. Then in September Trump railed about Colin Kaepernick and the other NFL players kneeling during the national anthem and everything blew up.

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