Don’t let establishment opportunists ruin the resistance movement | Thomas Frank

As a powerful grassroots movement emerges, some want to use it for their own gain. The history of the Tea Party has important lessons on how to avoid that

The fury that is currently welling up against our demagogue president is a gorgeous thing. The women’s march on Washington bowled me over by its sheer numbers. The town hall meetings calling Republican representatives to account are delicious payback for decades of phony populism. The combination of the two is one of the healthiest political developments I have seen in many years.

But opportunism never sleeps, and with the rage and the resistance of recent weeks some far less noble characters have seen a chance to develop a new con. They’re up on the resistance bandwagon right now, rending their garments, shaking their fists, and praying that no one holds them responsible for the dead end into which they’ve steered us over the years. Inveighing loudly against Trump has become, for the people I am describing, a means of rescuing an ideology that has proven a disaster.

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Who are the key players in the resistance against Donald Trump?

From immigration to climate change, transgender rights to women’s rights, here’s how protests against Trump have unfolded and who’s involved

Donald Trump’s approach to the presidency has meant people and legislation have been threatened in a variety of ways.

But on issues from immigration to climate to transgender rights, activists and organizations have been there to rally against Trump.

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Trump’s border tax could damage the US a lot more than a wall | Kenneth Rogoff

Republican plan aims to close trade deficit and raise revenue – but it could hurt importers and spark short-term job losses

In many ways, the Republican party’s plan to implement a “border adjustment tax” in the US is a virtual complement to the physical wall Donald Trump plans to erect on the Mexican border. Although the border adjustment tax has not seeped into public consciousness in nearly the same way as Trump’s wall, it could end up affecting the average American a lot more – and not necessarily in a good way.

On the surface, the basic idea is to slap a tax of, say, 20% on imports, and to provide tax breaks worth a similar amount on exports. Most populists’ gut reaction is that this must be fantastic for US jobs, because it discourages imports and encourages exports. Unfortunately, as many have pointed out, there is a loose screw in this logic, which is that the US has a floating exchange rate.

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Australian Music prize: AB Original become first Indigenous act to win $30,000 award

Briggs and Trials beat Nick Cave and the Avalanches to prize for their debut album, Reclaim Australia

AB Original – the hip-hop pairing of the rapper and actor Briggs and the producer Trials – has become the first Indigenous act to win the $30,000 Australian Music prize, beating shortlisted artists including Nick Cave and the Avalanches.

“It sucks to be them,” Briggs laughed, of their competitors. “Normally it sucks to be us!”

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