Paul Keating says company tax cut is no holy grail and growth must be inclusive

Former PM says ‘conservative Australia’ doesn’t understand that economic growth needs to be about ‘inclusion and justice’

Paul Keating has slammed Australia’s big business lobby groups for being obsessed with tax cuts and ​lacking the imagination to prevent the economy slipping backwards.

He has also taken aim at “conservative Australia”, saying it doesn’t understand that economic growth needs to be about “inclusion and justice” so everyone shares in the spoils of rising national income.

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Fox and other top broadcasters involved in Fifa bribe scheme, witness tells court

Media companies bribed Fifa officials for rights to show South American tournaments, says former CEO of Argentina sports marketing company

Some of the world’s largest broadcasters, including Fox Sports, were involved in bribe payments to Fifa officials in order to secure the broadcast rights to major South American football tournaments, a key witness in the investigation into corruption at football’s governing body has told a federal court in New York City.

Alejandro Burzaco, the former CEO of Torneos y Competencias, a major sports marketing company based in Argentina, testified that five other companies he had partnered with, including Brazilian network Globo and the Mexican network Grupo Televisa, had bribed Fifa officials during his tenure.

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Turnbull avoids sit-down meeting with Jacinda Ardern on refugee offer

New Zealand media says prime minister was ‘snubbed’ after her Australian counterpart appeared to ignore a public request to discuss her proposal

Malcolm Turnbull appears to have ignored a public request by New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern to have a “substantive” discussion on her offer to resettle 150 refugees from Manus Island.

Ardern had said she planned to sit down with her Australian counterpart during the east Asia summit in the Philippines.

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