Pulse review – ho-hum plots and tin-eared dialogue plague bland medical drama

The ABC’s new medical drama has every reason to be a smash: a beloved format, top-notch crew and a diverse, talented cast. But it falls way short

When viewing the new homegrown medical drama Pulse, one is reminded of the ABC’s other recent, middle-of-the-road, play-to-the-back-seats drama: the ho-hum Newton’s Law, starring Claudia Karvan as a suburban solicitor who takes on a range of cases that fell through the cracks of Rake and Janet King.

Both programs follow kind-hearted women as they challenge accepted ways of doing things in age-old institutions (hospitals and courtrooms, respectively). Both involve unresolved sexual tension with colleagues, and incorporate a range of fleeting come-and-go characters who strut their hour upon the stage then are heard no more – their stories often incorporating moral challenges and/or the pursuit of fairness in an imperfect, resource-oriented world.

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USA striker Jozy Altidore bitten in Gold Cup win over El Salvador – video

American striker Jozy Altidore is bitten by El Salvador defender Henry Romero during a Gold Cup quarter-final in Philadelphia on Wednesday night. Romero also appears to twist the US player’s nipple for good measure. Away from the skirmishing, the United States won the match 2-0 and will now face Costa Rica in the semi-finals this weekend

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