Malcolm Turnbull’s big idea for a home affairs ministry is a big gamble | Katharine Murphy

The prime minister has the confidence to say just because you do not have defence, intelligence or police on board does not mean that you are wrong

How you feel about Malcolm Turnbull’s big bold foray into national security policy – the creation of a new home affairs ministry (despite no one actually asking for one) – depends on a couple of things.

The opening test to apply is how you feel about Peter Dutton gaining ministerial responsibility for Australia’s intelligence agencies, the federal police – as well as his immigration and border force fiefdom.

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The LPGA’s odd new dress code: what exactly is a ‘bottom area’ anyway?

The organization has been accused of ‘slut shaming’ over its new rules. More than anything they will be difficult to police and reinforce a stuffy image

When I was 15, I was sent home from a golf course because my shorts were too, well, short. I was confused because I had looked long and hard for a pair that fell within the course’s stringent specifications, and I went as far as to make sure that I had an extra inch to spare.

Despite following the guidelines, I was told that I could not come back. It was embarrassing, and as someone who felt insecure about my body – like many girls do in their teens – I wondered if something was wrong with how the shorts looked on me. Despite this, I did not buy a new pair and continued to go to the course with the shorts that met the stipulations.

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Parsing Pence’s comments on Medicaid

On July 14, Vice President Pence spoke at the National Governors Association where he made a number of misleading and incorrect claims about the Senate health-care bill’s affect on Medicaid.