Horror Movie: A Low Budget Nightmare review – surprisingly delightful gore-fest doco

A documentary with heart and sincerity – all the more surprising given the grotesque content of the film it documents the making of

In an attempt to explain the twisted, wigged-out ambition of writer/director Craig Anderson – namely what compelled him to make his feature film debut, the horror movie Red Christmas – there is no better person to refer to than the man himself. Laying himself emotionally bare in the opening reels of Horror Movie: A Low-Budget Nightmare, director Gary Doust’s surprisingly delightful two-part documentary about the film-maker’s backbreaking journey to realise his dreams, Anderson gets watery-eyed as he reflects on his life.

“All the years I was growing up, the only thing I ever wanted to do was make a movie. And somewhere along the line I got confused,” he says. “Parts of my life have just fallen by the wayside … What I don’t want to be, is the guy who dies not having done what they should have done. So I am going to make a movie. About an aborted foetus that survives its abortion, grows up, and kills its family.”

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Coalition conservatives working on rival same-sex marriage bill

Michael Sukkar calls for ‘no detriment’ clause to allow people to reject same-sex marriage in all walks of life

Turnbull government ministers have begun jockeying over which bill will be used to legislate marriage equality, with Michael Sukkar suggesting there could be “multiple private members bills” and calling for a “no detriment” clause to allow people to reject same-sex marriage in all walks of life.

The education minister, Simon Birmingham, said on Tuesday that the bill produced by the Liberal senator Dean Smith out of recommendations from a Senate committee inquiry is “the most logical starting point” and warned his colleagues not to unwind discrimination law protections.

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Senate president Stephen Parry says he may hold dual citizenship

Liberal senator seeking advice from British authorities following last week’s high court ruling that five MPs were ineligible

The citizenship crisis that has convulsed the Turnbull government and forced Barnaby Joyce to a byelection may have claimed another high-profile Coalition MP.

The president of the Senate, Liberal senator Stephen Parry, informed the government on Tuesday that he may be a dual citizen through descent.

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Samsung collects record profits, again

Last year at this time Samsung's profits suffered a blow due to exploding Galaxy Note 7s, but this year — despite ongoing executive turmoil — the product lineup is performing as expected. Not coincidentally, Samsung has announced it set a record hi…

Distract and dismiss: how rightwing media saw the Russia indictments

Conservative pundits attempted to distance Trump from Paul Manafort, and barely mentioned the guilty plea of former adviser George Papadopoulos at all

As news of the FBI indictment of Paul Manafort broke, Donald Trump tweeted: “Sorry, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign. But why aren’t Crooked Hillary & the Dems the focus?????”

Related: The Russia scandal has gone from phony war to heavy shelling | Richard Wolffe

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Nick Xenophon names replacement and says he’ll stay on as party leader

NXT to be renamed SA Best and be joined by former submariner and Xenophon adviser Rex Patrick as leader officially resigns

Nick Xenophon has resigned from the Senate after his principal adviser, Rex Patrick, was chosen to replace him although Xenophon himself will stay on as the party’s federal leader in the short term.

In a statement on Tuesday the party announced its management committee had endorsed Xenophon’s replacement and that it has applied to the Australian Electoral Commission to be renamed SA Best (federal).

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