‘There’s no future for taxis’: New York yellow cab drivers are slowly drowning in debt

Ride-hail services like Uber and Lyft have saturated the market, and an exodus of drivers from cabs has made medallion values drop – leaving many owing money

The premise is familiar: MD Islam left Bangladesh and came to the United States in search of a better life. He arrived in New York, became a taxi driver, and set about following the well-trodden path of the industrious American immigrant.

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Men who are silent after #MeToo: it’s time to speak up | Tom Pessah

The process of unlearning sexism is long and hard – but I am trying. We all need to make an effort

There’s been an outpouring of #MeToo statuses on social media. Thousands of women are posting detailed testimonies of times when they were sexually harassed and assaulted. For me as a man, it’s not that I was unaware of the extent of this problem, but this concentrated discussion has helped dramatize it for me. It’s become impossible to avoid or ignore, particularly when such testimonies come from people close to me whom I love and respect.

As several women friends have noted, this outpouring has been met with a deafening silence by men. There seem to be so many victims but almost no perpetrators. Are Harvey Weinstein and a few of his colleagues responsible for all these cases? Clearly not, but the rest of us are silent. And for change to happen, this silence needs to be broken.

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Why this could be the NBA’s most important season ever

America’s most progressive major sports league may be at the onset of its most important season – and not for what will happen on the court

Imagine a sports league whose athletes are encouraged to speak out against social injustice. Imagine a league that doesn’t treat activism like a threat, painting over the shouts for change with flimsy public relations initiatives in hopes of placating fans and advertisers. Imagine a league that invites difficult conversations rather than close its eyes and hope the uncomfortable moments go away.

As the NFL dithers in the face of player expression, the NBA embraces it. For the last three weeks NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has danced around the proper response to his players’ silent shout for racial equality. As several of the league’s stars continue to kneel during the national anthem, drawing almost daily fire from US president Donald Trump, he keeps reaching for a public-relations solution that will make the media onslaught disappear. But the more the NFL tries to pretend it is listening to its players, the louder the criticism comes from all sides.

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Can President Trump solve the opioid crisis?

The Washington Post and CBS’s “60 Minutes” teamed up to publish an investigation about the influence that the pharmaceutical industry has had on America’s opioid epidemic. The story takes a deep look at the way the drug industry and drug distributors first pumped huge numbers of opioids into communities, then worked with members of Congress […]

Raiders score on final play to upset Chiefs after Marshawn Lynch ejected

  • Derek Carr’s two-yard touchdown pass on final play lifts Raiders
  • Oakland’s Marshawn Lynch ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Chiefs lose back-to-back games for first time since October 2015

Derek Carr threw a two-yard touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree on the final play after the game was extended by two straight defensive holding calls and the Oakland Raiders snapped a four-game losing streak with a 31-30 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night.

With their season on the line following the recent slump, Carr led an 85-yard touchdown drive in the final 2:25 to give the Raiders (3-4) the thrilling comeback win in a game they trailed by nine points heading into the fourth quarter.

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