Steven Gerrard: ‘I thought I was a bit young to be Liverpool’s captain at 23’

Steven Gerrard sits down to talk about leadership, the players he looked up to and how he felt ‘a bit young’ when he became Liverpool’s captain aged 23

By Copa90 and Mundial for the Guardian Sport Network

Steven Gerrard made his first-team debut as a scrawny 18-year-old in a glorious shirt that was far too big for him. “A boy in a man’s shirt, going into a man’s game, it doesn’t look like me,” he said when we sat down to talk about captaincy. Gerrard came on for Vegard Heggem at the end of a 2–0 victory over Blackburn Rovers, but name wasn’t even on the back of the programme that day.

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Why James Clapper’s Trump comments may not conflict with reports of secret court order

Analysis: the ex-director of national intelligence rejected the president’s claims of wiretapping – but reports of secret court orders could still hold true

The insistence by the former US intelligence chief James Clapper that there was no electronic surveillance of Donald Trump or his presidential campaign directly contradicted the president’s claims he was being wiretapped.

However, Clapper’s assertion does not necessarily conflict with reports that secret court orders were issued in the course of a justice department investigation of Russian efforts to skew the election in Trump’s favour, and possible collusion in those effort by his associates.

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Intercepted Podcast: Ready to Lie

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The Notorious B.I.G. famously alleged that federal agents were mad because he was flagrant. President Donald Trump also believes he has beef with the Feds. This week on Intercepted, Trump accused Obama of tapping his phones, causing FBI director James Comey to lose his shit. Obama officials are denying it up and down and Trump’s surrogates are trying to figure out if their boss knows something they don’t. It sounds crazy, but is there anything to Trump’s tweets? We talk with Intercept investigative reporter Matthew Cole and muckraking journalist Marcy Wheeler of emptywheel. Never count Wikileaks out — the group just published a massive cache of CIA hacking secrets. The Intercept’s Sam Biddle and Josh Begley discuss what the revelations can teach us about our “smart” TVs and appliances and the security of chat apps like Signal and WhatsApp. As ICE raids intensify and deportations accelerate, independent journalist Aura Bogado confronts the opening stages of Trump’s assault on undocumented immigrants. Legendary punk band Anti-Flag performs for Intercepted from a garage in Pittsburgh. Plus, Donald Trump “stars” in Goodfellas, where he’s chased by the mob and the FBI. Can he get out of Mar-a-Lago alive? Tune in to find out!

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‘A Day Without a Woman’ faces a pivotal question – what woman is it for?

Feminism is having a mainstream moment, but organizers of the national strike say the movement must reach out to women who cannot afford to take part

International Women’s Day has never had the kind of robust presence in the United States it enjoys abroad. For years, while foreign leaders made speeches and citizens of other countries held rallies, the main signal to many in the US that 8 March was any different might have been that day’s Google Doodle.

Then Donald Trump was elected president.

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