Boyfriend of reporter killed on live TV aims to unseat NRA-endorsed lawmaker

Chris Hurst, a Virginia Democrat embracing a gun violence prevention platform, said the fatal shooting of Alison Parker toughened him for political battles ahead

A year after his girlfriend was shot dead on live television, Chris Hurst found himself reporting on another brutal workplace shooting.

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Texas woman fights harsh voter fraud sentence: ‘I just wanted them to hear my voice’

Rosa Ortega, a mother and green card holder originally from Mexico, was given two eight-year sentences after Donald Trump claimed millions voted illegally

Rosa Ortega does not deny she made a mistake.

What she finds hard to accept is that her error should merit eight years in prison, almost certain deportation to a country she barely knows, separation from her children and notoriety in rightwing circles.

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‘JeSuisIkea’: Trump’s comments confuse Swedes as supporters cry cover-up

After Trump suggests a non-existent terrorist attack took place in Sweden, supporters claim the media is covering up migrant crimes

Donald Trump’s comments during a rally in Florida on Saturday night that seemed to suggest a non-existent terrorist attack had taken place in Sweden have pitted the Scandinavian nation against some fervent supporters of the US president.

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Louise Mensch: the former British MP who scooped US media on Trump’s Russian ties

Mensch works at News Corp by day, probes Trump-Moscow by night. Here’s how she learned the secret that eluded even the best journalists

In the journalistic race to get to the bottom of one of the most closely guarded secrets in Washington – the investigation into the Trump team’s contacts with Moscow – one of the biggest scoops came from an unexpected source: the British former MP and novelist Louise Mensch.

Mensch has lived in New York since resigning as the Conservative MP for Corby in 2012 so that she could spend more time with her children and her American husband, Peter, the manager of the heavy metal band Metallica.

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Trump loyalists stand by their man – but the resistance is taking root

After the blur of Donald Trump’s opening weeks, what impact is he having in a former steel county in Pennsylvania which flipped for him in November?

Lee Snover is a born-again Christian, a mother of one, and a boss. She runs a drywall and framing business based in Northampton, Pennsylvania. She manages 15 full-time employees – 50 when you count subcontractors. She calls them her “guys”. They work in four states. She supported John McCain for president in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. She wasn’t in love with either candidate, but it didn’t matter. Her father was a Republican activist and she took after him. She has always been a loyal party soldier.

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Deutsche Bank examined Trump’s account for Russia links

Bank looked for evidence of whether loans to president were underpinned by guarantees from Moscow, Guardian learns

The scandal-hit bank that loaned hundreds of millions of dollars to Donald Trump has conducted a close internal examination of the US president’s personal account to gauge whether there are any suspicious connections to Russia, the Guardian has learned.

Deutsche Bank, which is under investigation by the US Department of Justice and is facing intense regulatory scrutiny, was looking for evidence of whether recent loans to Trump, which were struck in highly unusual circumstances, may have been underpinned by financial guarantees from Moscow.

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Deputy CIA director could face court deposition over post-9/11 role in torture

Attorneys for psychologists who helped design brutal interrogations seek deposition from Gina Haspel, newly appointed by Donald Trump

Even as the Trump administration attempts to contain an escalating crisis over its surreptitious ties to Russia, another spying crisis is threatening to haul the deputy CIA director into court to expose her role in post-9/11 torture.

In a court filing on Tuesday, attorneys for two CIA contract psychologists who helped design the agency’s brutal interrogations for terrorism suspects have asked a federal judge to order Gina Haspel, a career CIA officer recently appointed as the agency’s No2 official, to provide a deposition discussing her allegedly pivotal involvement in an episode the CIA has tried repeatedly to put behind it.

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We will not pay: the Americans withholding their taxes to fight Trump

The new president has driven some to make a statement with their bank accounts – despite fears such a protest could send demonstrators to jail

Andrew Newman always pays his taxes, even if he hates what the government is doing with them. But not this year. For him, Donald Trump is the dealbreaker. He’ll pay his city and state taxes but will refuse to pay federal income tax as a cry of civil disobedience against the president and his new administration.

Newman is not alone. A nascent movement has been detected to revive the popularity of tax resistance – last seen en masse in America during the Vietnam war but which has been, sporadically, a tradition in the US and beyond going back many centuries.

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Revisiting Michael Flynn’s fiery RNC speech: ‘Lock her up is right’ – video

The US national security adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned late Monday amid a flow of intelligence leaks that he had secretly discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador to Washington and then tried to cover up the conversations. In light of his departure, we revisit Flynn’s fiery speech at last year’s Republican national convention in which he led anti-Hillary Clinton chants (‘Lock her up’) and chided the Democratic presidential nominee over her handling of top secret information

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UK government says Trump will receive ‘full courtesy’ of state visit

Response to petition calling for cancellation of visit signed by 1.8m people says No 10 does not support their view

Theresa May has told Donald Trump that she looks forward to welcoming him to the UK for a state visit next year, after the government dismissed a petition from 1.8 million people calling for it to be cancelled.

The prime minister had a phone call with Trump on Tuesday afternoon in which the visit was discussed, along with trade and security.

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