US man who mailed cyanide to suicidal Briton sentenced to 25 years in prison

Sidney Kilmartin was charged with mailing a suicidal man in Hull cyanide after he threatened to report Kilmartin for fraud

A federal judge in New England sentenced a man to 25 years in prison on Tuesday for mailing a fatal dose of cyanide to a suicidal British man, accusing the defendant of an “appalling moral vacuum”.

Judge John Woodcock’s ruling in US district court in Portland, Maine, came four years after Sidney Kilmartin was arrested for mailing the poison to Andrew Denton of Hull, in the UK.

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‘I am not a racist,’ says lawyer behind racist New York cafe rant

Aaron Schlossberg makes his first public statement since he was filmed verbally abusing restaurant workers for speaking Spanish

It’s a dance as old as time. First comes the racist outburst filmed by a passerby and shared across the world, then comes the sheepish Twitter apology and the promise that a piece of unedited footage doesn’t reflect the “real me”.

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Amazon selling facial recognition software to police, records reveal

ACLU releases documentation on Amazon Rekognition software, fueling fears of surveillance via police body cameras

In the aftermath of the uprising in Ferguson, Missouri, over the killing of Michael Brown, police departments and policy makers around the country hit upon a supposed panacea to racist policing and police brutality: body-worn cameras.

Many hailed the move as a victory for accountability. But among the few dissenters was Malkia Cyril, executive director of the Center for Media Justice and a leader in the Black Lives Matter network, who warned early and often that the cameras could become tools of surveillance against people of color because “body-worn cameras don’t watch the police, they watch the community being policed, people like me”.

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‘Lava haze’ and ‘vog’: toxic volcanic gases prompt health fears in Hawaii

Potentially deadly plumes of volcanic gas and particles are polluting the Big Island in the wake of recent eruptions

Three dozen tourists were gathered at the Wailoa Sampan Basin Harbor in Hilo, Hawaii, hoping to get a glimpse of the lava that they’d seen on the news for weeks.

But because Hawaii Volcanoes national park – often a key stop in travelers’ itineraries – was closed after Kilauea erupted, their best hope on Monday afternoon was taking a boat to the point where the lava met the sea.

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Trump admits ‘very substantial chance’ North Korea summit won’t happen

President raises doubts over 12 June talks but says: ‘In the end it will work out. I can’t tell you how or why, but it always does’

Donald Trump said there was a “very substantial chance” that his summit next month with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, could be postponed.

Trump raised doubts over the timing of the summit, due in Singapore on 12 June, at a White House meeting with the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in.

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