Conservative women face ‘triple standard’ of judgment, says Kellyanne Conway – video

Senior White House aide Kellyanne Conway says conservative women face a ‘triple standard’ where they are judged more harshly than other women. Speaking in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning on Sunday, Conway also says that ‘Catholic guilt’ made her feel bad about promoting Ivanka Trump’s jewellery line in a likely violation of federal ethics rules

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The Guardian view on North Korea: Pyongyang’s advantage | Editorial

While Kim Jong-un’s regime has hacked other countries, US attempts to damage his nuclear programme face tough challenges

That the United States has been working to hobble North Korea’s missile programme through cyber and electronic strikes is important, but not especially surprising. Pyongyang’s technological advances, if not yet as impressive as it claims, are real and alarming. Sanctions have had limited impact. Intelligence on the country is so inadequate, and its technology so advanced, that a preemptive military strike – reportedly one option the White House wants to consider – would be very unlikely to eradicate its capability and very likely to provoke a damaging response. The US also has experience: working with Israel, it is believed to have used the Stuxnet computer worm to wipe out roughly a fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges and delay its nuclear weapons programme.

This time, results appear to have been mixed. Discussions of state-directed hacking often focus on its advantages as a form of asymmetric engagement, allowing countries such as North Korea to counter their relative military weakness. But this case exposes a different kind of asymmetry. Though the US is infinitely wealthier, better armed and more powerful than North Korea, it is much more vulnerable in one regard: it is an open and democratic society and its citizens expect access to freely flowing information.

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Guilt over gilt: Kellyanne Conway ‘felt badly’ for Ivanka Trump jewelry remark

Trump adviser claimed ‘Catholic’ and ‘maternal’ guilt over likely ethics violation in CBS interview, as she criticized ‘triple standard’ conservative women face

Senior White House aide Kellyanne Conway said on Sunday she felt badly about promoting Ivanka Trump’s jewelry line in a likely violation of federal ethics rules, because “Catholic guilt” and “maternal guilt” always make her feel bad.

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Arkansas lawmaker wants to bring concealed gun into state buildings

Mickey Gates proposes that legislators should be allowed to bring weapons into capitol to ‘feel safer’, despite presence of armed guards and metal detectors

Despite metal detectors and armed guards being placed at the doors to the state capitol and in the approach to galleries overlooking the Arkansas House, a state lawmaker says he would feel safer if he was allowed to carry his own concealed gun.

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Thomas Starzl, liver transplant pioneer and drug researcher, dies aged 90

University of Pittsburgh says doctor who carried out first transplant and gave baboon livers to humans ‘died peacefully’ at home on Saturday

Thomas Starzl, who performed the first liver transplant and was the driving force behind the world’s first baboon-to-human liver transplants and research on anti-rejection drugs, has died. He was 90.

The University of Pittsburgh, speaking on behalf of Starzl’s family, said the renowned doctor “died peacefully” on Saturday at his home in Pittsburgh.

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Pro-union rally in Mississippi unites workers with community: ‘We are ready’

Nissan workers mobilized thousands of activists, civil rights groups and even Bernie Sanders against companies that obstruct local unionizing efforts

For a mile outside Canton Multipurpose Complex on Saturday, the road was backed up. Many cars sported bumper stickers, pro-Bernie and pro-union.

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