Trump escapes to his New Jersey retreat, where the neighbors won’t make a fuss

A progressive coalition plans to protest outside the Trump estate in Bedminster on Saturday – but locals in this quiet Republican town are taking it in their stride

The protesters who greeted Donald Trump in Manhattan on Thursday were nowhere to be found 40 miles west in Bedminster, New Jersey on Friday.

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Is healthcare vote the tipping point for liberals regaining control of the House?

Democratic organizers said the House vote unleashed a backlash on a scale they had not seen before, and several Republicans could lose their jobs over it

As House Republicans reached the vote count needed to pass an unpopular rewrite of a new healthcare law, Democrats chanted derisively. “Na-Na-Na-Na, Na-Na-Na-Na,” they sang, confident Republicans would soon regret their support for the bill. “Hey hey hey, goodbye!”

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50 years after summer of love, yuppies have replaced San Francisco’s hippies

Nostalgia runs high as the city approached 50th anniversary, but residents say free love has given way to wealth and individualism

Isaiah Wolfe, who goes by the name Orange, spends his nights under a bush outside Golden Gate park and his days on the corner of Haight and Ashbury streets, soaking up the love. Love from his wife, his dogs, his buddies and everyone else who calls this part of San Francisco home.

“We’ve come here to experience the love this place has,” said Orange, 20, sporting a beard, piercings and multi-coloured sweater. “I heard the summer of love was the best thing to ever happen.”

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These pre-existing conditions wouldn’t be protected by new US healthcare bill

Pregnancy, C-sections or treatment for sexual assault could be used by insurers to inflate premiums if bill stays in current form, experts warn

Health experts expressed alarm on Friday that the new healthcare bill would allow insurers to discriminate against people with “pre-existing medical conditions”, including being pregnant, having had a Cesarean section, or having received treatment for a sexual assault or domestic violence.

A vast spectrum of dozens of illnesses and health conditions – even acne or heartburn – could be used by companies to inflate insurance premiums and make coverage unaffordable for millions of Americans if the bill ends up becoming law as currently written, experts warned.

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Trump immigration policy spurs ire at Kentucky Derby: ‘We can’t find workers’

Horse owners and trainers have voiced fury amid a reported shortage of workers, as immigrants fear deportation and activists take a stand

A dark cloud has been hanging over the Kentucky Derby this weekend as horse trainers have made public their anger at Trump’s immigration policies, which they say are hurting the Kentucky Derby, the US’s most glamorous horse racing event.

“We can’t find workers this year – it’s been tough,” says Julio Rubio of the Kentucky Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association. “Most of the workers we have at the track won’t even leave to go out at night to buy groceries because they are so scared of being deported.”

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Federal grant that Trump wanted to abolish is a lifeline for poor families

Dutchess County, New York, like 95% of counties nationwide, benefits from a community fund that meets needs that might otherwise fall through the cracks

As with many eight-year-olds, there are few things that excite Jayden Browning more than the idea of going to Disney World. But when he goes, there’s only one character he’s really hoping to meet.

“He’s sure that Pinocchio has the answer on how to be a real boy,” said his grandmother, Sherri Hodgeman. “But then he goes: ‘But Nana, I don’t lie! Why can’t I be a real boy now?’ It breaks your heart.”

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Texas town greets murder charge over teen shot by police in moving car

Dallas suburb Balch Springs holds funeral for Jordan Edwards, a 15-year-old shot dead by a police officer who on Friday was charged with his murder

A community that was barely keeping its anger in check got the first step it demanded on Friday when the Dallas-area police officer who shot dead a 15-year-old boy was charged with murder.

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