Prison study reveals high rate of self-harm after release and mental health failures

Emergency departments are failing to conduct comprehensive mental health assessments, researchers say

One in 15 newly-released prisoners attend hospital for self-harm but emergency departments are failing in their obligations to conduct comprehensive mental health assessments, new research shows.

A groundbreaking study of former prisoners, published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry this month, has revealed high rates of self-harm following release from prison.

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Malcolm Turnbull pushes for ban on unvaccinated children at childcare centres

PM to take ‘no jab, no play’ policy that would also ban unvaccinated children from preschools to Coag meeting

Unvaccinated children would be banned from childcare centres and preschools across the country under a push by the federal government.

The prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has written to state and territory leaders in a move towards introducing nationally consistent laws to protect children across Australia. He says he will take the policy to the next Council of Australian Governments (Coag) meeting.

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Trade war: is it time to collect canned food and build a bunker? | Greg Jericho

If we don’t ensure free trade benefits are distributed equally, the world could get dangerous very quickly

It’s not often you go to a conference on agriculture and come away feeling quite scared for the future. But this week’s Abare’s 2017 Outlook conference featured a talk on the future of trade that painted a dire picture of trade barriers and nations moving into blocks that engage in trade wars and perhaps more violent conflicts. It was a stark warning to those who value the benefits of trade of the need to also value the concerns of those who miss out on those benefits.

In a conference featuring the usual talks on innovation in agriculture and pest management, the Abare conference also featured a speech by Rabobank economist, Michael Every that had me – and most in the audience – wondering if it was time to start collecting canned food and building a bunker.

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Pauline Hanson likens Colin Barnett to spoiled milk that should have been thrown out

One Nation leader blames former WA premier for result, saying he should have quit or been removed before election

Pauline Hanson has likened Colin Barnett to spoiled milk that should have been thrown out after One Nation fared worse in the Western Australian election than she expected, blaming the result on the party’s preference deal with the Liberals.

Early results indicate the party failed to secure a lower-house seat despite intense campaigning. But it did secure at least one upper house seat, which was the objective of the preference deal, with state leader Colin Tincknell claiming the South West.

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Adele fan suffers cardiac arrest during Sydney concert

Fans said the singer ‘seemed really tearful’ after paramedics took the 47-year-old fan to hospital

Singer Adele was forced to temporarily halt a concert in Sydney after a fan suffered a cardiac arrest.

Footage of Friday night’s concert at the ANZ Stadium filmed by fans attending the Australian leg of her tour shows the singer becoming concerned when medics arrived to attend to a woman in the audience.

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