Wage fraud will continue until politicians stop it. They can – but will they? | Josh Bornstein

The lobbying efforts of powerful business interests have held too much sway in our democracy. A comprehensive rewrite of workplace laws is required

  • Josh Bornstein and Maurice Blackburn provided pro bono assistance to a number of underpaid 7-Eleven workers

Following yet another wage fraud scandal – this time at restaurant chain, Dainty Sichuan – a recent newspaper editorial contended that, “Further layers of workplace regulation are not the solution to wage fraud.” Instead, it argued in favour of stronger enforcement of existing laws. The editorial could not be more wrong.

A systematic and enduring pattern of gross exploitation of workers is compelling evidence that the existing regulatory framework is broken. 7-Eleven, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Myer, Coles, Caltex, Australia Post, Woolworths. The list is extensive and grows each week.

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Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi’s Senate bid sets up potential challenge to Lee Rhiannon

Rhiannon is yet to announce whether she will recontest preselection following her temporary suspension from party room

Australia’s first female Muslim MP, Mehreen Faruqi, will run for Greens preselection for the Senate in 2019 – setting up a potential challenge to the controversial sitting senator Lee Rhiannon.

Rhiannon is yet to announce whether she will recontest preselection but the move will place extra pressure on her to announce her intentions.

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From suburban housewife to porn star at 52: the emancipation of Morgana

Suffering from depression at the end of an unhappy marriage, Morgana Muses found a new lease on life by making body-positive, anti-ageist BDSM films

A turquoise-haired woman takes the stage at Berlin’s Porn Film Festival in stiletto boots and an evening dress split high up the thigh. The snigger from a couple in the audience is barely audible, but then, the woman is attuned to it. She stiffens for a second, and takes the microphone. “You can laugh if you like,” she says, “but darling, I was a young, gorgeous creature once – and you’re going to be my age one day.”


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Central station shooting: florist says police ‘had no choice’ to open fire on attacker

Florist Emmanuel Theoharas says Danukul Mokmool held a broken bottle to his neck and was repeatedly warned by police to put down his weapons

The florist who saw a man shot dead by police at Sydney’s Central station has said police “had no choice” but to shoot his attacker.

Emmanuel Theoharas said the man, later identified as 30-year-old Danukul Mokmool, held a broken bottle to his neck and was warned by police to put down his weapons before shots were fired at 6.45pm on Wednesday.

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Sentence for Elijah Doughty’s killer sparks anger. Was justice served?

Indigenous Australians say the three-year sentence handed down for the death of the Kalgoorlie teenager is proof of systemic inequality, but the judge says it’s ‘commensurate with the culpability of the offender’s conduct’

Elijah Doughty’s football team is at the top of the ladder. If he had not been killed on 29 August 2016, the Aboriginal teenager, who loved football almost as much as he loved motorbikes, would have moved up to the under-16s team of the Kalgoorlie City football club and played against the Saints on Saturday.

Instead, on Friday, a jury at supreme court of Western Australia found that his death was not manslaughter but a case of dangerous driving causing death. Ten minutes later, the chief judge of that court, Wayne Martin, sentenced the 56-year-old driver, whose two-tonne 4WD ran over the top of Elijah, who was riding a 70cc motorcycle, to three years’ jail.

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Ditch the plebiscite postal vote idea – let’s decide on marriage equality by Instagram | Rebecca Shaw

What cruel and unusual punishment it would be to put the fate of the LGBTQI community in the hands of Australia Post. Have some mercy

  • Rebecca Shaw is an author and host of the fortnightly comedy podcast Bring a Plate.

It’s 6am. My alarm has gone off and the radio is playing Sonny and Cher’s I Got You Babe. I sit up in bed: I’m Bill Murray as a weatherman experiencing the same day over and over again.

No, wait. That’s the plot to the movie Groundhog Day.

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