Manus Island shooting caused by drunk soldiers, police say

Police investigating ‘nasty’ Good Friday shooting at Australian-run detention centre blame Papua New Guinea’s military

The Good Friday shooting at the Manus Island detention centre was the work of “drunken” PNG soldiers, the regional police commander has said.

During the incident on Friday multiple shots were fired and projectiles thrown at the detention centre as an armed mob, including members of the Papua New Guinea defence force, stormed the facility.

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Amazon attacks Coalition’s plan to impose GST on all online purchases

Internet retailer says Malcolm Turnbull’s government’s plan would create an ‘inherent disincentive’ to comply

The internet giant Amazon has attacked the Turnbull government’s plan to impose the GST on all online purchases, saying it is so poorly designed it will create an “inherent disincentive” to comply.

It says the government should be asking Australia Post to collect GST on goods imported to Australia, rather than forcing websites such as Amazon and eBay to do so.

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Australia’s move to restrict migrant intake reflects broader global trend

The government’s abolition of the primary visa for foreign workers coincides with a US plan to overhaul its temporary skilled migration program and reports New Zealand is set to ‘control’ its immigration ‘mix’

The Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has moved to restrict skilled migration into the country, announcing the abolition of the controversial 457 visa program.

Despite its success in attracting needed skilled workers to Australia (in many regional and rural areas the most common 457 visa holders are nurses and doctors), the 457 program had become acutely politically sensitive, with consistent claims the scheme was being used to exploit lower-skilled foreign workers, who risk deportation if they complain about working conditions, and allegations that foreign workers were being preferenced over Australian nationals.

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‘Putting Australians first’: Turnbull says government abolishing 457 visas – video

The Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, uses Facebook to announce the replacement of skilled 457 visas with a new category to give Australians priority for Australian jobs. Turnbull says ‘we’ll no longer let 457 visas be passports to jobs that could and should go to Australians’. The 457 visa has been the most common way for employers to bring skilled workers into Australia temporarily

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