Work visas: students often forced to breach conditions, lawyers say

Solicitors from Redfern Legal Centre want immigration minister to show more leniency by offering a second chance instead of revoking visas

The Australian government could significantly reduce migrant worker exploitation by being more lenient to students who are coerced by employers into breaching their visas, according to immigration and employment lawyers at community legal centres.

Solicitors from the Redfern Legal Centre have asked the minister for immigration and border protection, Peter Dutton, to reform the conditions where international student visas can be revoked, providing a second chance for students who have been pressured or misled by exploitative employers, and encouraging them to come forward.

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Labor calls for 12-month delay on import GST

Government criticised for lumbering ATO with vague plan to tax low-value goods, warning of ‘major disruptions’ for businesses and families

Labor is calling on the Turnbull government to delay by 12 months its plan to impose a goods and services tax on low-value imports.

It says the Coalition needs to subject its plan to a regulation impact statement, after revelations from Treasury officials it had failed to do so.

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Duelling prime ministers: Turnbull and Abbott locked in a Coalition death spiral | Katharine Murphy

The public is being dished up the discordant spectacle of the former PM’s dogged desire to fashion the current incumbent of the Lodge in his own image

Lachlan Harris, a former political staffer who ran Kevin Rudd’s press shop, coined the inimitable phrase “Kulia” to describe the toxic fusion of two warring leaders, locked in a grim battle which ultimately destroyed a Labor government in full view of the voting public.

We are not yet at “Mony” in Canberra – the dynamic of the contemporary political civil war between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott is not a perfect replica of the Labor experience – but you don’t need to be a genius to observe the government is sowing the seeds of its own destruction if the dynamic persists.

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