Puan, world’s oldest known Sumatran orangutan, dies aged 62 in Australian zoo

The primate was euthanised at Perth zoo leaving 54 descendants around the world

Zookeepers have paid emotional tribute to the world’s oldest known Sumatran orangutan, “a grand old lady” who died at a Western Australian zoo on Monday.

Puan was given to Perth zoo in 1968 and is believed to have been born in Sumatra 1956. At 62 years she lived well beyond her typical life expectancy and was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest verified member of her species in 2016.

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Are Trump’s shenanigans turning us off international relations? | Peter Lewis

Australians’ level of engagement with our neighbours is sinking. But we still prefer centrists to dictators

While those who follow the daily thrust and parry of Australian politics may get het up over the veracity of Treasury modelling of dividend imputation, it can seem like easy listening when compared to the fire and fury that is US politics.

Eighteen months into the Trump presidency, it’s as if the Americans have created a new genre of amplified conflict, where nothing makes sense unless it can be reduced to a tweet.

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Ali and the Long Journey to Australia – video

Thirteen pupils from seven countries have drawn on their imagination and personal experiences to create the story of a 10-year-old and his family and their search for safety. Ali and the Long Journey to Australia is a stop-motion film based on a tale written and illustrated by students from refugee backgrounds at Noble Park primary school in south-east Melbourne

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