Australians ‘wising up’ to use of tax havens, says Andrew Leigh

Shadow assistant treasurer suggests companies consider the image their tax minimisation methods project

Andrew Leigh, the shadow assistant federal treasurer, has said companies using offshore tax havens to “get around corporate tax” in Australia risk losing what they save in tax via damage to their reputation.

Speaking to Guardian Australia in the wake of revelations Adani has expanded its use of tax havens for its local operations, Leigh said the Australian public was “wising up on tax havens”.

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Car industry could have been saved – but now is as good a time as any to lose your job

I feel sadness at the end of the car industry, and yet I must admit to having benefitted from the policies that led to its closure

Growing up I was always more of a Ford kid than Holden. I was in no way a rev-head but country South Australia in the 1980s being what it was you had to pick a side and I picked Ford.

I’m not sure why I chose Ford, and I never got too involved in schoolyard arguments over the two, but I was oddly happy when my parents in 1984 bought a Ford Laser rather than a Holden Astra.

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