Australia reaches tipping point with quarter of population born overseas

Census shows 49% of population either first- or second-generation migrants, with remaining 51% at least third generation

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Australia’s population is approaching a tipping point, with nearly as many first- or second-generation migrants as people who are at least third-generation Australians.

The 2016 census results, published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday, reveal the changing impact of migration.

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Johnny Depp’s dogs: Australia’s deputy PM threatens actor with ‘perjury’ investigation

Barnaby Joyce says government will examine whether it can take further legal action after saga of dogs Pistol and Boo

Australia’s deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, has said the government will examine whether Johnny Depp committed “perjury” by smuggling dogs into the country while knowing it was illegal.

The saga of Pistol and Boo, the Yorkshire terriers who infamously landed the then Hollywood couple in strife in 2015, took another twist with allegations by Depp’s former managers that he was “fully aware that he was illegally bringing his dogs to Australia”.

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Greens’ Lee Rhiannon lashes out at ‘vicious attempt to destroy my reputation’

Senator describes Gonski 2.0 as a ‘con job’ and says she feels bullied and harassed after colleagues lodged a formal complaint against her

Lee Rhiannon has doubled down on her opposition to Gonski 2.0 school funding, describing it as a “con job” and accusing unnamed people of a vicious attempt to destroy her reputation.

The Greens senator’s comments will deepen the rift between herself and her colleagues who last week lodged a formal complaint about her behaviour.

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Australians idealise the ‘good bloke’. But he can be dangerous | Brigid Delaney’s diary

Conformity is essential for acceptance in many Australian country towns. The unofficial code of behaviour often threatens women – and other men

My first professional job was in a remote country town halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne. I knew no one there, had no license or car so couldn’t really leave, and was living in a caravan at the back of a government building known as “psych services”. The town – inscrutable, seemingly closed off to outsiders, a place of invisible rules and hierarchies – was more intimidating than any big city I’d visited.

At the end of my first week working as a lawyer, I went to a dinner at the pub and met some of the union officials, local lawyers and people from the industry groups that I would be working with. The Australian Workers’ Union state secretary, an up-and-comer from Melbourne called Bill Shorten, was also dining with us.

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It’s the Coalition’s break-a-glass emergency plan: if all else fails, kill Bill | Peter Lewis

Over the years the Coalition has cultivated the dark art of political character assassination. But it has yet to identify Shorten’s achilles heel

While the opinion polls continue to deliver bad news for the Turnbull government, it clings to the prime minister’s personal edge over Bill Shorten as proof that all is not lost.

It’s true that despite a sharp decline in his own personal approval since late 2015, the Essential Report shows that Malcolm Turnbull maintains a 39-26 lead as preferred prime minister.

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Malcolm Turnbull kills off moderate Liberals’ push for marriage equality bill

Prime minister says Coalition will not allow new private member’s bill to be considered until after a plebiscite

Malcolm Turnbull has killed a push to bring forward a new private member’s bill on same-sex marriage, saying legislation won’t be brought on “until there has been a vote of the Australian people”.

The prime minister told 3AW on Tuesday the government would not allow a new private member’s bill to be considered until a plebiscite on the question had been held. “That is our position. That is our policy.”

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Grappling with the VR timeline

With virtual reality tools now under the $1000 price point (a Samsung DVR combined with a Samsung Gear 360 for example), a small business could conceivably whip out their smartphone and become a VR content creator, pushing the results out on social media. But how ready and willing are our small businesses to seize the day?

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