Two Bali prison escapees caught in Timor-Leste, but Australian still at large

Shaun Davidson, from Perth, was one of four inmates who tunnelled out of Kerobokan prison on Monday

Two foreign prisoners who tunnelled their way out of a Bali jail have been captured in Timor-Leste, police said, although there is still no sighting of their fellow escapee, Australian Shaun Davidson.

Dimitar Nikolov Iliev, a Bulgarian, and Sayed Mohammed Said, who is from India, were caught at a hotel in Dili on Thursday after arriving on a boat illegally from Indonesia.

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CEO Sleepout criticised as ‘dystopian’ for homeless simulation with VR headsets

Fundraising event’s stunt labelled tone deaf after footage shows a row of CEOs donning headsets to ‘get a glimpse’ of life on the streets

A Sydney fundraising event for the homeless has been labelled “dystopian” after it asked CEOs to don virtual reality headsets to “get a glimpse” of life on the streets.

CEO Sleepout, a yearly event where business leaders sleep rough to raise money for charity, released a video on Thursday of fundraisers trying out the new technology for the first time.

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Terrorism plots: court adds years to ‘lenient’ sentences for teenagers

Pair to spend four extra years in jail for planning attacks in Melbourne after appeal by commonwealth that saw an intervention by ministers

Two Victorian teenagers who planned separate terror attacks in Melbourne in 2015 will spend an extra four years in jail after the Victorian court of appeal ruled their original sentences had been manifestly inadequate.

The appeals are at the centre of a building political controversy concerning the fate of three federal ministers, who declared the court an “ideological experiment” after reading media reports of some of the appeal hearings earlier this month and have since been called upon to explain themselves to avoid potential charges of contempt of court.

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Young may be worse off if they buy private health insurance early, Choice says

Consumer group says it’s cheaper to pay lifetime health cover loading for being uninsured than take out low-quality cover

Young people may be worse off if they take out private health insurance early, despite a lifetime government penalty for being uninsured, the consumer group Choice has said.

If you do not have hospital cover on your lifetime health cover base day (the later of 1 July 2000 or 1 July after your 31st birthday) you will pay a 2% lifetime health cover loading on top of your premium every year. The loading rises by two percentage points a year to a maximum of 70%.

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Samir Shah on Islam, Australia and being a ‘serial blasphemer’

In a new book the Pakistan-born comedian who grew up as a Muslim and became an atheist takes on the ‘atrocious’ debate about Islam in Australia, complaining that critics and supporters are ‘shouting the same one-liners at each other’

Born in Pakistan as the child of Muslim parents, Islam buzzed away quietly in the background of Sami Shah’s life until he succumbed to peer pressure. All the cool kids, he says, were praying.

Shah had a short stint as a teenage radical and upped the ante once again while living in the United States post-9/11, where he transformed into a “Frightening Muslim” – one of five types of Muslim that he classifies in his new book. He grew out his beard and began using Islam to soothe his seething rage over the invasion of Iraq.

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