Coalition’s economic gains force Labor to hold the champagne | Greg Jericho

Polls may look bleak for the government, but it will start getting the credit if things improve on the jobs and wages front

It was a week of another lot of bad polls for the government, but it also brought good economic news and remains a very stark reminder that the next election will be a tough one for the Labor party to win.

Normally, commentary on polls is considered among the lowest form of political analysis since it tends to explain politics as a horse race, but having set the parameters himself, such commentary is expected with Malcolm Turnbull. When he challenged the then prime minister Tony Abbott in 2015, he said the government had “lost 30 Newspolls in a row. It is clear that the people have made up their mind about Mr Abbott’s leadership.” The fact that this week the Turnbull government has lost its 20th Newspoll in a row now takes on greater significance.

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Labor labels John Howard ‘yesterday’s man’ after marriage ads

Terri Butler says former Liberal prime minister’s advertisements opposing marriage equality are ‘a bit rich’

The Labor frontbencher Terri Butler has hit out at the former Australian prime minister John Howard for taking out ads in major newspapers calling for people to vote no in the postal survey on same-sex marriage.

In the ads, Howard claimed there was less “generosity of spirit” on the yes side of the debate, because Labor and the Greens have refused to accept a no vote and would move to introduce same-sex marriage even if the majority of people vote no.

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Food industry push to hide new enzyme ‘stinks to high heaven’ – activist

Australia’s food regulator says enzyme is for processing only but critics say it’s a flavour enhancer and should be on label

Activists have expressed alarm at a growing push by the food industry to hide new enzymes in everyday food products.

Australia’s food regulator, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, is currently considering an industry application to use a new protein-glutaminase to process food.

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