Mulletfest crowns Shane ‘Shag’ Hanrahan mane man with waist-length effort

Crowd favourite, Victorian potato farmer and coal miner Laurie Manuel, failed to get a place in the finals

Proud mullet wearers from across Australia have converged on a country pub in NSW’s Hunter Valley to crown a champion of the infamous hairstyle.

Hundreds of people made the journey to Kurri Kurri’s Chelmsford Hotel on Saturday for the inaugural Mulletfest – a celebration of the 1980s hairstyle.

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‘Completely different context’: Turnbull dodges gun control advice at Trump meeting – video

Australia’s prime minister tells Donald Trump ‘we certainly don’t presume to provide policy or political advice’ on gun control during a meeting at the White House. Malcolm Turnbull says that for their two countries it’s ‘a completely different context, historically legally and so forth. We are very satisfied with our laws, we maintain them.’ The US president again promoted the idea of arming teachers, saying they would be more effective than the armed guard who failed to prevent the Florida shooting because teachers ‘love their children’.

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George Christensen calls for ‘shackled’ Nationals to split from ‘aimless’ Liberals

Outspoken Queensland MP says the compromise is becoming increasingly difficult to accommodate

George Christensen has used the resignation of Barnaby Joyce to call on the National party to formally end its coalition with Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals.

The outspoken Queensland MP posted on Facebook that in the absence of an elected federal leader, the National party should push “the reset button” and slash the ties of their 95-year partnership with the Liberals.

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Several beaches closed after ‘extremely rare’ shark attack in Botany Bay

Woman survives bite from great white shark, believed to have been more than three metres long

Beaches in Sydney’s south-east have been closed after a woman was bitten by a great white shark, which is believed to have been more than three metres long.

Late on Friday, the 55-year-old swimmer survived the first shark attack in Botany Bay in at least 25 years, and is recovering at St George hospital.

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Labor’s fence-sitting on Adani has become a double backflip | Katharine Murphy

Presumably there will be a period of settling to determine if attempting to be all things to all people flies with the public

The backflip is standard operating procedure in professional politics, we all know that, but the double backflip is a somewhat rarer event.

Yet under the cover of yet another seismic convulsion inside the Turnbull government, Bill Shorten looks to be lining up for the dubious double on the controversial Adani coal mine. After signalling quite clearly in late January that Labor would toughen its position on the project, the Labor leader has cooled off noticeably on that notion over the past week or so.

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