Australia to announce plan to protect crowded places from terrorism

Malcolm Turnbull condemns Barcelona attack and says Australia is united with the people of Spain in fighting such acts

Malcolm Turnbull has condemned the terrorist attack in Barcelona, saying Australia stands in “absolute, resolute solidarity” with the people of Spain in their fight against Islamist terrorism.

He said “our love, our prayers” were with the victims and their families, and Australian consular officials were on their way to Barcelona from Madrid.

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Queensland conservationists call for river-mining ban to protect Great Barrier Reef

State mines minister rejects two applications at reserves west of Cape Tribulation which campaigners say should set a precedent

The “archaic” practice of mining rivers in north Queensland is making a mockery of Australia’s key policy to protect the Great Barrier Reef, wasting multimillion-dollar efforts to cut runoff pollution, its opponents say.

“Instream” mining in Queensland, the only state still allowing the excavation of rivers for gold, tin and silver, is unleashing torrents of fine sediment in one of the reef’s largest catchments.

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Three Australians injured in Barcelona terror attack, says Julie Bishop – video

The Australian foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, says one woman believed to be from New South Wales is in a serious but stable condition and two young Australian men who were ‘directly affected’ by the fatal van attack in Spain would seek medical help in the morning. Bishop urged all Australians in the area to contact consular authorities to let them know they are safe. The Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, spoke later of the global battle against terrorism, adding: ‘We stand in absolute resolute solidarity with the people of Spain in the fight against Islamist terrorism.’

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How Triple J’s Hack presenter Tom Tilley became a far-right meme | The Weekly Beast

Tilley becomes poster boy for ‘alt-right’ after interviewing Charlesville march organiser. Plus, Daily Mail Australia’s Luke McIlveen returns to News Corp

When your interview question is made into a far-right meme, and you become a poster boy for “alt-right” websites, you might need to rethink your approach. But that’s what happened to Triple J’s Hack host, Tim Tilley, this week after he interviewed an organiser of the deadly far-right march in Charlottesville, a chap called Eli Mosley.

Although some critics thought the ABC should not interview anyone with racist views, Tilley’s choice of interviewee is supported by the ABC’s editorial policies in the interests of free speech, and management did back him up.

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