Westpac advice cost couple dream retirement, banking royal commission hears

Bank admits advice was poor after customer reveals she and her husband were ‘led up the garden path’ and ended up losing their home
• A recent history of Australia’s banking scandals

Westpac admits a senior financial planner gave poor advice to a couple that cost them their dream retirement.

Jacqueline McDowall and her husband ended up losing their home after trying to use superannuation funds to buy a bed and breakfast.

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Michael McCormack says he has ‘no view’ on gay conversion therapy

Nationals leader and acting PM says issue ‘important for those people that it affects’ but in his community people are more focused on cost of living
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The acting prime minister, Michael McCormack, has said he has no view “one way or another” on gay conversion therapy in his first major speech as Nationals leader.

Speaking to the National Press Club on Thursday, McCormack outlined a vision for attracting doctors and teachers to the bush but appeared stumped when asked about an issue that has distracted the Coalition this week after it was proposed by some Victorian Liberals.

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Has your financial future been destroyed by a bank?

The Australia banking and finance industry is admitting to shocking misconduct – we want to hear from people who have been affected

The royal commission into banking and financial services has uncovered shocking misconduct by some of Australia’s largest companies. It has also heard testimony from victims, whistleblowers and insiders.

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Two years after Josh Park-Fing’s death, his family deserves answers | Owen Bennett

Given all we know about the dangers of work for the dole, has anything been done to prevent a tragedy like this happening again?

Josh Park-Fing was never asked if he wanted to work for the dole.

He wasn’t told that he had the right – under social security law – to do accredited training, study or his own voluntary activity. Like thousands of unemployed workers across Australia, Josh was told by his job agency, NEATO, that he had to work for the dole or he would risk losing his payment.

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