Cowboys owner Jerry Jones trying to ‘help’ players despite anthem protest ban

  • Jones has told players they will be benched if they kneel during anthem
  • Cowboys head coach says owner has ‘love and respect’ for players

The Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, wants to “help” his players bring attention to racial injustice despite telling them they would be benched if they knelt during the national anthem.

NFL players have been kneeling during the anthem this season to highlight racial injustice this season but Jones reiterated in a team meeting on Wednesday that he would no longer tolerate the practice. On Sunday he said that “any player who disrespects the flag or does not stand for the anthem will not play in the game.” He added that players were free to express themselves before the anthem. Jones himself had knelt before the anthem with his players earlier this season. That decision came after Donald Trump had called players who protested “sons of bitches”.

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