Green Investment Bank: rival bidder launches legal challenge to sale

SDCL claims government has not sought value for money for taxpayer in choice of Australian bank Macquarie

A last-ditch attempt has been made to derail the government’s controversial sale of the Green Investment Bank to the Australian investment bank Macquarie.

Sustainable Development Capital (SDCL), a rival bidder for the bank, said it was launching a legal challenge to the government’s decision to select Macquarie as its preferred bidder for the £2bn deal.

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Foreign donations report delayed in search for bipartisan deal

Parliamentary report expected to recommend a ban on foreign donations to Australian political parties pushed back as Labor and Liberals negotiate

A parliamentary report expected to recommend imposing a ban on foreign donations to Australian political parties, associated entities and activist groups has been pushed back a week, in an effort to see whether the major parties can come to terms.

The joint parliamentary committee on electoral matters has been given the task of recommending changes to to the donations and disclosure regime, and was expected to produce a report on foreign donations on Friday.

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Trump calls for unity in Congress speech, but Democrats are skeptical

President uses his first address to Congress to express hope that Republicans and Democrats can work together – but common ground may be hard to find

After his presidential address on Tuesday, Donald Trump’s expressed hope that “Republicans and Democrats can work together” to fix America’s immigration system wasn’t exactly reflected among members of Congress.

In Sanctuary Hall after the speech, Republicans applauded Trump’s statements, but Democrats saw little common ground.

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Trump honors widow of Navy Seal ‘Ryan’ Owens in Congress address – video

Donald Trump honored Carryn Owens, the widow of US Navy Seal William ‘Ryan’ Owens, during his speech to Congress on Tuesday night. Owens was the only US fatality of a raid on al-Qaida in Yemen on 29 January which the Pentagon said killed 14 militants. However, local sources said 25 civilians were killed, including women and nine children under the age of 13. Trump called Owens ‘a warrior and a hero’

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Presidential address: Trump claims ‘new chapter in American greatness’ – live

President declares ‘the time for trivial fights is behind us’ in an attempt to offer an optimistic vision to all Americans

5.45am GMT

It was a moment that stood out during Donald Trump’s first joint address to Congress: a standing ovation for Carryn Owens, the widow of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, as she cried and looked skyward for her husband.

Owens, a navy Seal, died in Yemen on 28 January, in the first military operation Trump authorized as president. His legacy is “etched into eternity”, Trump said on Tuesday night.

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5.31am GMT

In his first presidential address to Congress, Trump claimed 94 million people aren’t working, Obamacare is collapsing and borders are “wide open for anyone to cross”. Alan Yuhas sorts fact from fiction:

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Cash Converters facing legal action over 100 high-interest loans to one woman

Consumer advocates launch court action against Cash Converters following 2015 investigation into payday loans scheme

Consumer advocates have launched court action against Cash Converters for allegedly allowing a vulnerable woman to take out almost 100 high-interest pawnbroking agreements and payday loans.

Cash Converters was last year investigated by the corporate regulator for unscrupulous and irresponsible lending through its payday loans scheme, which offers small amounts of credit over short periods of time at high interest.

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