Remember Nixon. US spy agencies are vital to bringing down Trump | Andrew Gawthorpe

Liberals may feel uneasy – but the intelligence agencies are essential to protecting the country from a rogue president
Trump back-pedals on Russian meddling remarks after outcry

Donald Trump’s performance at his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki has convinced many observers that the US president has crossed the line into overtly colluding with a foreign power against the United States. As Trump parroted Russia’s line over that of his own intelligence agencies, the former CIA director John Brennan even said that his actions were “nothing short of treasonous”.

For all his denials of collusion – and his later back-pedalling – Trump himself publicly asked Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails during the presidential campaign. And according to a new indictment handed down by Robert Mueller, Moscow’s agents attempted to do just that for the first time later the same day.

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Why making pitchers bat is one of baseball’s most beautiful facets

During All-Star week there have been rumblings that the National League will adopt the designated hitter rule. But pitchers themselves aren’t sold on the idea

It was a stray comment, a line tossed out by Tony Clark, the head of the baseball players union in his annual address to the media on Tuesday. But in saying baseball is getting closer to a day when pitchers will no longer hit in the National League, he may have set off an earthquake.

“Players are talking more about it than in the past,” Clark said, adding that the concept of bringing the designated hitter, who effectively bats for the pitcher, to the NL “is gaining momentum.”

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Josh Hader’s family change shirts after pitcher’s racist tweets emerge mid-game

  • Brewers player’s tweets resurface during Tuesday’s All-Star game
  • Pitcher was 17 at time of tweets and says he was ‘immature’
  • Social media posts used n-word and also insulted gay people

Milwaukee Brewers reliever Josh Hader took responsibility for racist and homophobic tweets that resurfaced while he was pitching in the All-Star Game on Tuesday night.

Hader was alerted to an online firestorm regarding the tweets when he came out of the game. He locked his account and after the game he said the posts were from seven years ago when he was 17 and “immature”. Some of the tweets used the n-word while another one stated “I hate gay people”.

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