Britain will greet Trump with our biggest ever carnival against hatred | Owen Jones

Theresa May and the White House clearly think that downgrading his state visit will subdue our protests. Quite the opposite

Protest works. Cast your minds back to that distant political era otherwise known as January 2017. A racist misogynist megalomaniac had just celebrated his inauguration as the 45th president of the United States. Theresa May – overcome with hubris, but yet to be fatally wounded by her nemesis – gallivanted off to the White House and served us up a grotesque love-in with Donald Trump. Her offer of a state visit, an honour never even extended to some presidents, was a PR coup for an already deeply unpopular demagogue.

Then came Trump’s Muslim ban, and – with 36 hours notice – ten of thousands of us poured on to Britain’s streets in protest. Our message was not just solidarity with those targeted by Trump’s hatred. It was a rejection of xenophobia and racism at home and abroad – and a passionate rejection of May’s government subordinating Britain to the level of Trump’s poodle.

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Trump criticises Puerto Rico, saying hurricane aid cannot go on ‘for ever’

  • President’s tweets complain of ‘total lack of accountability’
  • ‘Electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes’

Donald Trump renewed his criticisms of Puerto Rico on Thursday and said the US government could not keep providing federal aid in the wake of Hurricane Maria “forever”.

The president attacked the US territory in a series of tweets on Thursday.

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