‘Confident and strong’: world champion Tyler Wright on the new power in women’s surfing

Interview: The 22-year-old Australian talks about her aggressive style, pay parity with the men and why she still isn’t ready to watch her pro surfer brother Owen

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Tyler Wright, surfing’s reigning world champion, brims with power in action and in conversation. As she talks candidly to the Guardian, it becomes quickly apparent that her style – fast, aggressive, taking the fight to the waves – is very much a product of both her personality and her physicality.

“The surfing that I do matches the kind of person I am,” says the Australian. “I’ve always referenced the two and that’s where my style and inspiration comes from. It’s pretty much a direct representation of who I am. Body shape helps as well,” she reflects in conversation in the back of a surf shop that overlooks Manly beach in Sydney.

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Pentagon wants to declare more parts of world as temporary battlefields

White House is asked to designate ‘temporary areas of active hostility’, giving commanders same latitude to launch actions as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria

Donald Trump’s administration is considering a military proposal that would designate various undeclared battlefields worldwide to be “temporary areas of active hostility”, the Guardian has learned.

If approved, the Pentagon-proposed measure would give military commanders the same latitude to launch strikes, raids and campaigns against enemy forces for up to six months that they possess in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

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