Patrick Vieira interview: ‘I am doing what I love and I am where I want to be’

The New York City FC coach is preparing to lead his team in the MLS playoffs – and says he is not considering a return to Europe just yet

Patrick Vieira is determined to focus on the here and now – but it appears an almost Sisyphean task given that he is constantly asked where his future lies. Barely a week goes by when the New York City FC head coach is not linked with a vacancy either in Europe or the United States.

Even before Bruce Arena resigned after failing to lead USA to next summer’s World Cup finals, Vieira was touted as a possible replacement, leading the Frenchman to issue to a quick and firm denial regarding his interest in the position. This came soon after Vieira revealed he had tentative talks with Ligue 1 side St Etienne in the summer. The rumours and speculation will only increase if Vieira leads NYC FC to the MLS Cup this year, in just his second season as a professional head coach.

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Will Donald Trump bring down the NFL’s once untouchable leader Roger Goodell?

Despite a string of controversies the NFL commissioner’s ability to generate money for owners helped protect him. But now their patience is wearing thin

How odd would it be if, after a tumultuous decade of debacle and debate in Roger Goodell’s NFL, the one to bring down the commissioner turns out to be Donald Trump?

For the first time in his tenure the Goodell’s job is in danger and the uncertainty has come swiftly. Just weeks ago Goodell was on the verge of a five-year contract extension worth more than $100m. The new deal was believed to be certain, an affirmation that although Goodell has irritated many of the league’s owners and is wildly unpopular with fans, those same owners believed he could keep making them mounds of money. Then in September Trump railed about Colin Kaepernick and the other NFL players kneeling during the national anthem and everything blew up.

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Queensland election: LNP leader targets ‘disenchanted’ One Nation voters

Opposition leader Tim Nicholls focuses on jobs growth in seats at risk of falling to Pauline Hanson’s party

The Queensland opposition leader, Tim Nicholls, has swiftly taken to the hustings in One Nation heartland, appealing to disenchanted voters to back him at the 25 November election.

After initially releasing an economic policy in the marginal Logan seat of Springwood, the Liberal National party leader headed to the electorate that Pauline Hanson almost grabbed at the last state election.

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Dangerous storms and 4cm hailstones expected to batter south Queensland

Hailstones, flash flooding and winds gusting at speeds greater than 125km/h forecast in worst of the storms

Very dangerous thunderstorms were bearing down on parts of southern Queensland on Monday night, with several severe weather warnings issued and damaging winds and large hailstones forecast.

The worst of the storms were pressing north-east from Jimna, west of Maroochydore, and were expected to dump 4cm hailstones and heavy rainfall that could cause flash flooding, as well as damaging winds possibly gusting at speeds greater than 125km/h.

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