Trouble in Venice: can this trendy LA enclave reconcile a deep divide?

As the neighborhood floods with tech workers and new wealth, its homeless population keeps rising – and a political battle is raging over what to do

It is less than a hundred yards from the hipster restaurants, cafes, and giant street art installations of Main Street in Venice, California, to a straggly line of industrial warehouses and storage facilities where a homeless encampment has sprawled over an entire city block.

Tents and shopping carts filled with clothing and possessions obstruct sidewalks and parking spaces along 3rd Street and Rose Avenue and prompt unceasing complaints from nearby residents as well as stares of amazement from tourists. The encampment, home to people with nowhere else to go, is a constant reminder that all is not well in one of the fastest gentrifying neighborhoods in north America.

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The Morning After: Monday, March 6th 2017

Welcome to your Monday. We have wrapped up our coverage of MWC (all things mobile) as well as GDC (all things gaming) over the weekend, played laser tag with a smartphone, and learned that you can screw up an anti-harassment bot with typos. The big e…

The Joy of Six: the world’s most bizarre footraces

Ordinary 5kms and marathons are so mainstream. If you really want to test your endurance – or just feel like doing something ridiculous – try one of these races

Several of the competitions in this space were born of laughable ideas; small wonder, then, that the resulting races are at best silly exercises in vanity. What sets the Iron Man Ice Competition apart is that the rules are so wonderfully arbitrary, the race so fundamentally pointless, that the only possible conclusion is that this is a true absurdist masterpiece.

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