‘Women are pissed’: Trump rage turns to action – and surge in female candidates

In the presidential race, some women stayed at home because they didn’t want to vote against their husbands. Now they have had enough

In the months before Donald Trump was elected president, Tara Zrinski knocked on thousands of doors in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley to talk with voters about environmental policy. She hoped that the conversations might help elect Hillary Clinton.

But some of her most poignant interactions were not about policy. They were about husbands.

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CBS TV channels are back on Dish

Following an intentional three-day blackout, CBS channels are available once again for Dish customers, as the two companies have reached an agreement in a financial dispute. CBS and Dish have been feuding for months: CBS wanted Dish to pay higher fe…

Goblet of fire: how spat-out wine is being turned into spirits

Spit buckets containing 500 litres of discarded wine give Tasmanian distiller an idea on sustainability

At the close of the Rootstock sustainable wine festival in Sydney last year, Tasmanian distiller Peter Bignell looked around the tasting room at the carefully-spaced spittoons and thought: what a waste.

Together the spit buckets contained about 500 litres of discarded wine, which had been swilled then dumped during the two-day event.

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Sit-ins, protests, rallies: activists’ mammoth push to thwart Republican tax bill

  • Activists to launch last-ditch effort to prevent tax bill from passing the Senate
  • GOP bill would disproportionately favor wealthy Americans, data suggests

Activists will launch a last-ditch effort to prevent Donald Trump’s tax bill from passing in the Senate on Monday, with scores of groups planning to lay siege to politicians’ offices.

Related: Republican tax cuts will hurt Americans. And Democrats will pay the price | Bruce Bartlett

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Manus detention centre cleared of all refugees and asylum seekers

PNG mobile squad police raid centre, using metal batons against refugees and asylum seekers and forcing them onto buses

The decommissioned Manus Island detention centre has been cleared of all refugees and asylum seekers, the PNG police and Australian government have said.

On the second day of Operation Helpim Friend, PNG mobile squad police raided the detention centre using metal batons against refugees and asylum seekers and forcing them onto buses.

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