Search for missing Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez focuses on Byron Bay lighthouse

Specialist police scour Tallow Beach and Cape Byron Lighthouse where the last ‘ping’ was recorded from the teenager’s phone

Specialist police have joined the search for a Belgian backpacker, missing on the New South Wales north coast, as authorities examine a bushy headland near Byron Bay’s famous lighthouse.

Theo Hayez, 18, was last seen leaving the holiday town’s Cheeky Monkey’s bar about 11pm on 31 May.

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In a world moving at breakneck speed, growing indoor plants is teaching me patience | Mel Campbell

Everything I’ve read suggests apple tree cuttings don’t take well. But neither does the insecurity of inner-city renting

Two Shepard avocado seeds balance on toothpicks in wineglasses of water on my kitchen windowsill. They have been there since April, when I was seized by some primal urge (home ownership, perhaps?) and decided I wanted to grow my own.

I got so excited when I saw a taproot growing from the bottom of one seed. It was happening! I lost myself in fantasies of huge, glossy houseplants. But then … nothing.

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